South San Francisco’s Fog and Sign Hill; Home

South San Francisco, CA August 16, 2013
Fog + Sign Hill = HOME

Fog + Sign Hill = HOME

This simple post on our Facebook page along with this photo touched a deep South City cord that lives within us all as over  275 friends ‘LIKED’ this and many shared their thoughts.  What does this represent for you?

Fog + Sign Hill = Home!

(Sometimes the fog looks nicer from a distance though!)

Marie Culpepper-Burmley Love my childhood home town, but must say I don’t miss the fog!

Monica Burke It always looks better from a distance…

Marie Dunbar I always brag about the fun I has as a kid. Climbing the hills off the back road, playing in the creek, picking irises, finding really dark green frogs and throwing cow pies. I can on and on. Beautiful memories!

Debbie Height I do miss it .

Sandra Rios Taboada Ditto

Ronald Wong Great view!!!

Christine Dias-Nelson Honestly..i really dont miss the fog!

Eve Vuillemainroy Do you miss the wind? Or the planes going over head every 2 minutes? You miss the burritos I bet.

Barbara Desmangles-Simpson Will I see you Saturday?

Whitney Connors-Pasion refreshing

Bill Goldthwaite I miss it, but I don’t. I’m a country boy now. I try and stay as far away from the big city as much as possible.

Pat Pfeiffer After a couple of days using the ac the fog is welcomed

Jeff Sanford ” The Industrial City “, I’ll never forget those words.

Raul Rodriguez That’s our home!

Maricella Marcie Escobar Uriarte Home!

Leah Movillion Yu tu lo

Vicki Gigliotti Brooks I grew up in the Sunset in SF…probably foggier than SSF. I still think the fog is beautiful! …yet appreciate the sunshine!

Allie Sawyer San Bruno too!

Marco Bolanos Da village ( Mayfair) love my city!

Pete Arenas Ya’ gotta love the fog though! Still living in it!

Tanya Rego Home!!!!! Yeah :-)))

Christopher Pearce Yea looks better from Hayward cuz we don’t have to deal with it!!! Lol

Frank L. Cassady I can see United’s wide body

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