Water Heater Replacement: Suggestions by locals

Little help please:  Carey Wykoff posted on Saturday morning – any suggestions folks?
“Our water heater died this morning and we are trying to get someone out here for same day service. Does anyone know what price range we should be expecting for same day replacement? One guy just tried to quote us $1800. We had a replacement about 10 years ago on a Sunday of a 3 day weekend and I don’t remember it costing us that much. Help please?”

Here are some suggestions from our Facebook friends. Any other ideas? Thanks!

Claire Murtagh O’Hara The water heater we bought two mos ago from Home Depot was about 700ish. If u can buy it yourself and then just have the guy install. I don’t know if our guy can come out on a weekend because he works on his own. You can try him John Gouailhardou cell (650) 483-6053

Laura Alban Walsh call ace rooter and plumbing.

Janel M Chrestenson Pearson Mine was $1800 on a weekday. Wasn’t same day. Had to order it. I would suggest you look into and consider a tankless. Caccia Plumbing is very good. I’ve had them do work here a few times. They didn’t do my water heater. I didn’t know about them then and I was desperate!

Carey Wykoff We ended up going with a friend’s recommendation, I believe Water Heaters only is the name. We are getting same day installed and some minor plumbing work done for $1300. I will post the name of the company when I pay him and get the actual name. They have been great so far.

Stacey Franco Veimau Caccia Plumbing is the best on the Peninsula!

Ken Ibarra Larry Verna of Mr. Rooter (650) 228-6888 Larry is an ol’ So. City boy and will give you an estimate and fair price.

Anita Porpoise call a handyman that can install a water heater, then go to Lowes, Orchard or Home Depot.

Sal Lopez Wow thats crazy if your semi handy you can do it. its fairly easy name brand water hearter for a 4 bedroom house is. Around 480-800 depending on heating they even have a truck you can rent for $20 a hour this is lowes .I changed mine out in 30min .look at a how to book while there to get a ideal .good luck .and also good to call around and ask them to beat prices .

Karen Davenport Try Lowe’s. They delivered our new fridge (next day) on a Sunday for free. Good luck!

Danny Murtagh Just water heaters or 1-800 water heaters? It will be north of a thousand bucks but $1800 is high. Also depends on other modifications required to meet current code like equake bracing; heater stand; relief piped to outside; etc… All required for current codes. This extra work if not already done adds to simple replacement costs. Also water heaters off the shelf run from $400-$800 these says just for the unit at a home store. I don’t think you’ll get it for under $1250 depending on size. 30-50 gallon size.

Juan Bustos Atlas plus in Ssf honest man and family

Jaime Portillo Mr rooter from brisbane

Erik Alvarez Geez, I should get back into doing side jobs. That’s an easy and cheap(for the customer) 3-400 bucks for my labor. Water heaters run up to$600 for a 40 gallon, depending on what warranty you choose. It amazes me that people pay up to $1800 without a thought. I guess it’s a surprise sometimes because people just want hot water asap. The”up to code” thing is a toss up. They’ll sell you on all the extra bs to get more money. Unless it’s getting inspected or you’re planning on selling your house, all this isn’t needed. Of course an earthquake brace is needed, don’t get me wrong. The new water heaters don’t really need to be on a stand, because everything is enclosed now. Relief piping to outside is more extra crap unless you don’t have a floor drain in the garage where it can go.

Malissa Netane We had the same issue two weeks ago. Our plumber is great!!! Good price too- at least etterthan what you were quoted. 650 219-4788 his name is Jesse

Carey Wykoff We don’t have to get it on a stand but unfortunately the guy that installed our washer a year ago messed up some plumbing and we have been having water issues ever since. We’ve been too lazy (stupid) to get it fixed. He is hopefully going to fix the issues that have been happening. All included in the price.

Renee Cortez My brother works for Peninsula heating in ssf and he said between 1500 _ 1800 is usually the price

Andy Hidalgo Cost of water heater and around 3 hours labor. A plumber shouldn’t cost more than $1100 for a fifty gallon. Handyman less


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