South San Francisco, CA September 21, 2013

We received word that Lydia Barbetti was celebrating her 90th birthday this past Saturday and wanted to be sure we all had the opportunity to wish her a wonderful birthday.

Happy 90th Birthday Lydia Barbetti!

Happy 90th Birthday Lydia Barbetti!

We shared this on our Facebook Page and over 100 neighbors chimed in wishing a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lydia.

Here are some of the comments;

Kathi Carelli Luv ya Auntie, wishing you a Wonderful Birthday

Brandi Magner Happy birthday Lydia!

Debbie Sbragia Happy Birthday Lydia!!! Cheers to ya!

Darcy Kastell She truly is an icon in South City, for sure!!!! Happy Birthday Lydia!!!!

Nancy Cozad Bartoli Happy Birthday Lydia!!

Kathy Rogers 90? Is that a typo? OMG! Happy birthday Lydia! Miss you lots

Deborah Mcgrath That’s the nicest tribute my mom was so proud! !!! THANK YOU ESC !!!! Debbie Barbetti!

Cristina Maria Murillo Happy birthday Lydia many many more.

Nadine Moreno Happy Birthday Lydia!!! I hope your day is full of amazing blessings!

Rachel Bottini Donohoe Happy Birthday Lydia from your donut shop friends. Emily and Molly

Debra Davallou Happy Birthday

Maria Pineda happy bday

Vickie Harris Gamez Happy birthday Lydia.

Keli O’Mara Campbell ️️️

Pam Starr Happy Birthday.

Rebecca Crociani happy birthday from the crociani family!

Danny J Galli Happy birthday Lydia!! Let’s go in the back and make some boxes like old times!!


Julie Manuel Have a wonderful birthday and many more.

Allen Galli Happy birthday, Lydia!

Mike Coughlin Happy Birthday Lydia. Wishing you all the best.

Sandra Perez-Vargas Wow!!! She is such an amazing lady. I hope this day has been a blast for her!!! All my love.

Robert Landucci Great family. Happy Birthday.

Leticia Hernandez Happy Birthday Lydia !!!

Diane Johnson happy birthday

Marie BlackOwl Happy Birthday Lydia to One Of The GREATEST LADIES I HAVE EVER KNOWN and COOKS …..

Joanne Tsang Happy BD Lidia!

Those signing in to say Happy Birthday:

Karen Romano

Nancy Rosales Sanchez

Nancy Bezayiff Smith

Joyce Romeo

Nadine Moreno

LaReya Sum

Christina Fedelin Oates

Lesley Cassandras

Joanna Sanchez

Diane Johnson

Lisa Mares McCarley

Angie Marin Cain

Ann Marie Gazzano

Keli O’Mara Campbell

Nancy Cozad Bartoli

Sanny Ojeda

Linda Wiseman

Suzanne Wasser

Krista Martinelli

Myla Jessica La Rocca

Julie Manuel

Isela Martinez

Joey Caro

Rebecca Crociani

Connie Simotas

Lisa Bobbitt Hummel

Rebecca Sciandri Griffin

Ada Mynock

Debbie Sbragia

Ted Maynard

Kathi Carelli

Darcy Kastell

RamonVelia De La Cruz

Rose Rudometkin

Mike Tambini

Will KnoCk Out Marcelo

Maria Pineda

Linnea Lopez

Ian Fregosi

Michelle Cantero Munoz

Sandra Babkirk

David Canepa

Orlando Soto

Marla Shelmadine

Brandi Magner

Carla Barbetti

Ryan Albovias

Liz Navarro Flores

Margie De Renzi

Hector Anthony Tonarelli

Denise Domenichelli

Constance Maffei

Claudia Jandres

Mae Galang

Chauntel Gregor Oseguera

Joanne Tsang

Melinda Sullivan Nunes

Janel M Chrestenson Pearson

Bob Petrini

May G. Alferez

Anita Porpoise

Geraldine Lara

Allen Galli

Michelle Wills

Felipe Cervantes

Deanna Tracey

Steve Sanguinetti Sr.

Sandy Venturini Schaffer

Sandra Perez-Vargas

Lynn Spicer

Leticia Hernandez

Susan Sharp

Julie Chimenti

Kate Mac Kay

Kamala Silva Wolfe

Asa Gemignani

Karen Sterling

Debra Davallou

Joseph Leroy Tice

Maria Maldonado Barba

Lupita Laura

Nancy DeMartini

Catherine Marie Lucente

Paul Robert Theisen

Irma Medrano

Steve Harper

Karen Johanson

Elisa Nunez

Patti Rodriguez

Riko Ćus

Yamila Dielacher

Rachel Bottini Donohoe

Jerry Espinoza

Donna Husher

Keith Shawn

Mike Martinelli

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JoAN & Jess Serrata
JoAN & Jess Serrata
9 years ago

Hope you had a GREAT birthday Lydia!
Have a GREAT Year!
We are SO thankful for all the GREAT times we use to have!
Love, JoAN & Jess

Ellen Minucciani
Ellen Minucciani
9 years ago

Happy Birthday!