City Council Forum Monday and Tuesday Evening

South San Francisco, CA September 30, 2013

Tonight is the start of the Candidate Forums which are sponsored by the City of South San Francisco and the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and moderated by the League of Woman Voters. This is open and free to the public to attend at the Council Chambers at the MSB 33 Arroyo Drive.  Questions from the public to present to the candidates are welcomed.  The event starts at 7pm and can also be viewed on the city website HERE and on our community TV channels 26 or 27.

This evening the debates will start off with those running for the 4 year term, of which 3 seats are open. The candidates include Mark Addeigo, Maurice Goodman, Deepak Gupta, Bill Lock, Kate Mac Kay, Liza Normandy, Rick Ochsenhirt, and John Prouty
Tomorrow evening, same place and time, those running for the 2 year partial term (1 seat) include Carlos Martin and Collin Post.  Karly Matsumoto’s name will remain on the ballot as her statement declaring she is not running for the 2 year term was made after the qualifying deadline.

Below are the Candidate Statements as filed with our City Clerk for the candidates running this year’s election.  Voters can choose up to three of these candidates for the 4 year term, and 1 for the 2 year term.


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