Dentist Referral For Cash Paying Patients; Neighbors Weigh In

South San Francisco, CA September 13, 2013happy tooth dentis

We often have neighbors ask for referrals for various services and products. Last evening, on our Facebook Page, this request came in from one of our FB friends. If you have additional recommendations please share.

Sharon Kay Gustilo Meyer is asking, any suggestions?

“Any suggestions for a good dentist in the area? I had a filling fall out and I’ll probably need some other work done. Since I am paying out of pocket, I want someone good.”

Below are some of the responses from our neighbors:

Melissa Haro-Lopiccolo Dr Dean DeRanieri on Mission Road!


Jose Chavez Dr. Lance Nakamitsu on Old Mission Road. I would take a bullet for him! He is awesome. N A K A M I T S U ! ! !


Stacy Beversdorf Ramirez Dr Sheridan at Westborough Dental


Angela Rudoni Dr. Ferro Mission Rd.


Ryan KingZealace Ace Gentle dental Daly City


Viole Guevara Fremont Smile San Bruno


Charles Esqueda bronzini dental group. Millbrae ca.650-697-9405


Betty Karlegan Fowler Doctor Toni Ambus she is AMAZING!!! San Bruno


Megan Cresci Dr. Morris on Westborough …2400 Westborough Blvd, Ste 100 … 1 (650) 583-0550


Sharon Kay Gustilo Meyer Since I didn’t get the same name twice, I’m going to have to call around and see who is cheaper. Lol thanks for all the help, everyone! At least I know where to start looking


Patricia Acosta Dr Ku on old mission road …. 650-588-2828 ….. You can yelp him


Renee Cline I work in the dental field, I would go with Dr. Ambus….she’s great!!Dr. Morris is good too! Both these women are HONEST!!! A lot of dentists nowadays can be shady with costs.  And don’t go by who’s cheaper…..go with whom you feel comfortable with. Cheaper is not always better.


Angela De Benedetto If you have any fear of dentists/dental procedures, I’d suggest a phone call to : Dr. Mark Barradas, 1135 Mission Rd Ste 101, South San Francisco, CA 94080 (650) 589-4600


Karen Davenport Dr. Nii in Daly City. He does great work, and is upfront about the cost, which is also reasonable. He fixed all the problems my previous dentist caused. I highly recommend him.


Tracee Morales Dr Thodas he’s awesome !!!!


Janel M Chrestenson Pearson If you want to go to Woodside Road in Redwood City, I have a gem!


Dianna Erdesz Armanino Bronzini Dental group in Millbrae is great!!

Joy A Kyles I’d stay away from Sheridan ….. Know most the others & any of them are à good choice


Sheila Folan Cronin Dr. BBB Toni Ambus on Jenevin in San Bruno. She is awesome!!


Priscilla Paras-Huerta Shoreview dental in Pacifica


Kris Peradotto It you won’t mind going to San Carlos off of brittan there is a great place city dental group it’s hard to spell her name but she is great and they also have a great endodontic right next door


Rose Chang Chiu Sharon: There was a similar thread a little while ago where one name kept coming up… don’t know if it’s worth looking for. Our dentist is Randall Louie on Westborough, and we like him.


Kelly Gerding Eddy Dr. June Austria in Daly City. He’s fabulous, reasonably priced if you have to pay out of pocket and has great chair side manner.


Maureen Folan Beckwith Dr. Gayle Chin,Buckingham Way near Stonestown in San Francisco


Sharon Kay Gustilo Meyer @Renee: I know cheaper isn’t always better, but as an unemployed full-time student, it’s the best I can do. However! I trust everyone’s input on here, so I know that I’ll fall into good hands in the end. Thanks so much, everyone!!


Julie Marie Martinez I go to Dr Sheridan on Westborough as well! He’s awesome!


Bibi Tu Sabes Dr. Catherine M. Vista across from SSF car wash.


Christine Robinson-Sbragia Dr. Avalos on Mission Road SSF


Joseph LeBlanc Dr. Mark Barradas, SSF.


Steve Carey Veronica Avalos


Demetra Kanellos Dr. Tina Donahue, family dentist amazing woman & dentist. I too am a cash patient & she is very reasonable. She is right here in Huntington ave, near Lowes. Good luck!!


Pat Murray DR VISTA!!! She’s on El Camino and Westborough (in the mini mall with BofA, Supercuts etc She and her entire staff are wonderful! 650-871-1432  South San Francisco dentist, Cosmetic dentist 94080, General Dentist 94080, dentist 94080, female dentist


Kris Sargent A few years back I lost my Cap and I too had to pay out of pocket he had the best prices I could find around here and willing to just repair my tooth….GRAND DENTAL CARE …Sonny M. Phang DDS> 500 Grand Ave, SSF Ca. 94080 650-794-0971 Best of luck to you ~


Daniel Deveron Baker Yes, I do! Her office is located on El Camino Real, just South of Country Club Drive and Walgreens…
Elaine Lui DDS
363 El Camino Real Ste 103
S San Fran CA 94080-5991
650-589-3545 – Ofc
650-589-4320 – Fax
Call her Office Assistant, Nancy, for an appointment!


Jessica Symonds Dr. Catherine M. Vista is amazing! She sees all my friends and family! 650-871-1430


Dolores Gonzalez Suarez Vista dental hands down. On el Camino and Westborough in the shopping center with Bank of America


Raquel Cordon-Curtis Dr Ku, on old mission rd ! Very clean, state of the art equipment, very gentle, soft spoken man, over 20 years experience, had lots of work with him, and I pay cash……..very happy with results. He use to be at Vista Dental, but now he has ventured on his own……..


Jamie Ramsey Dr Sheridan on Westborough. Been going there since I was a little girl


Joanne Evars Vista dental really good and nice on El Camino


Maria Pineda South San Francisco Dental Care highly recommended


Peggy Vogele Dr Phang corner of Grand & Spruce. Open late & on the weekend. He’s terrific & lot of my friends go there.

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  1. Genevieve Trombley
    September 13, 2013 at 10:13 pm

    Dr. Phang at Grand Dental Care is very good. (650)794-0971 500 Grand Avenue at Spruce Ave

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