Comcast impersonators & door to door sales – be aware!

South San Francisco, CA October 19, 2013

Confirm who the person is at your door before opening Photo: Newstalk

Confirm who the person is at your door before opening
Photo: Newstalk

Thanks to Gene Lam for this sharing this with us on our Facebook page. Over 24 neighbors shared this with others and it would be a great idea to pass the word onto your local friends as well.

“Heads up residents of South San Francisco…there is a Comcast impersonator casing homes to burglarize. This happened in the Westborough area.”

In addition we have had several reports of people going door to door selling subscriptions during evening hours, especially in the Terra Bay neighborhood. The man has been reported as being abrupt, not friendly and vanishes quickly. Neighbors in that area have had police come out to check yet the person was gone upon their arrival.

If we all keep a look out and share information we can keep our neighborhoods safer. When in doubt, always call 911, that is what our police are for – there is never an unnecessary call if you are concerned.

Remember NEVER to open your door to strangers, do not give out information to strangers, ask questions behind closed secured doors. Sadly we live in a different world today where we need to be proactive in remaining safe.

There is a difference between being careful and being paranoid

There is a difference between being careful and being paranoid

Here are a few of the comments shared by others:

Andrea Carey Villa What exactly does this person do. Last week at work two young men came into my office at 5:30 pm and said they were there to check if my office was wired for Comcast. I told them that we did not make an appointment with Comcast, didn’t need the service and they had the wrong location. They did look a little suspicious, but were wearing purple short sleeve polo shirts with Comcast on the rim of the sleeves and bright green and orange (the ones that the construction or road workers wear) which I thought was unusual especially if they are working inside a building. They were very persistent and kept telling me that all they needed to do is look around the office. I told them, no way and that they better leave or I was going to call the police. It really didn’t hit me as strange until after they left and I really started thinking about it.

Dina Bedak Someone came to my house (on the border of san bruno and SSF) delivering pizza that wasn’t ordered. I never opened the door and finally got him to leave after he insisted I ordered it.

Carolyn Cohn Yoshino Comcast to/Pizza.. just don’t open the door for anyone and call the cops….Dina You might want to report it ..also look thru a window and try to get a license #or description?

Dina Bedak No peep hole and he was so close to the door I couldn’t see him from my kitchen window.


On October 24, 2013 the SSFPD has issued this press release

SSFPD 10.18.2013 Comcast Impersonator-page-001

2 comments for “Comcast impersonators & door to door sales – be aware!

  1. Russell N.
    October 22, 2013 at 4:21 am

    Hi, Today my neighbors were telling me that the Police showed up to there house and not only wanted to search there house but the upstairs neighbors as well because of a kidnapping? I went on line and I didn’t see any news on a kidnapping in the Bay Area or South City, Maybe I didn’t look in the right spot but I looked pretty good and I’ll probably look again after this. (now I’m no Police officer so I don’t know there protocol for such matters). Now I am thinking with Halloween here its probably pretty easy to buy a full cop uniform/costume and nobody pay you any mind. Maybe I’m reading a little too much into it but it could have been a scam as well? Scary thought but people are getting more and more desperate and are willing to come up to your door, and gain access to your home and violate you and or your family.

  2. Cynthia Marcopulos
    October 23, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Yes, please be careful. People are getting very desperate and very creative. What I fear next is home invasions — don’t open your door to anyone unless you know who it is — and that means asking your friends and family to phone you first so you expect their visit.

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