El Camino High School Football Field Update

South San Francisco, CA October 3, 2013
All El Camino Athletic teams will get to run around, and tour COLT FIELD. We hope that we can start practicing on it full time next Monday. We all hope we have seen the last of the HORROR GOPHER HOLE INFESTED ANKLE BREAKING HELL that is known as Sunshine Gardens Field. If all goes well WE hope to play Jefferson at Colt Field on Saturday November 9th at 11:00 & 2:00. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for the best. Bring out those Camera’s tomorrow boys’ for it is a day that you have been waiting for, and a day you will long remember.–COLT PRIDE
El Camino High School's new field, a product of Measure J funds

El Camino High School’s new field, a product of Measure J funds

“We should do you at Center, Archie & Cos at Guards, Steve and Me at Tackles, & Burr at TE. Cal at QB, MT lone Back, w/ Ronnie & Jasum at wide outs” says the coach
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Angelique Presidente
9 years ago

That field is horrible to practice a sport on. Very DANGERous! Very excited our boys will be moving to their field, lots of Colt Pride!! Who hooo