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South San Francisco, CA October 22, 2013

November 5th election date coming up quickly

Thanks to Phil Fioresi Sr. for bringing up the discussion of voting for this November election.  Fioresi wrote us, “Just thinking, it’s getting close to election time, I’ve already decided who I’m voting for but if you haven’t it’s a good time to do some research on what our candidates platform is and what they stand for. Myself I looked at many things but the tie breaker was women’s rights being that I have a wife and two daughters. I also looked at downtown ideas and what motives our candidates may have as well as who endorses them. Just food for thought.”

What are your thoughts? What qualities or qualifications are you looking for in our next city councilmember(s)?

If there is one person in particular you are hoping to win a 4 yr seat, best bet is to cast one vote only. Although our ballots allow up to 3 votes for the 4 yr term we reduce the chances for our main candidate by voting for more than 1.  Said  Fioresi Sr “ESC exactly, I will only be casting 1 vote, most people may not think of that but by casting more than one you are actually voting against yourself!”

More info on our candidates can be found on our website HERE.

If you are not registered to vote you have until Oct 21 to do so.
(Last Day to Register to Vote for the November 5, 2013 Election
Deadline for registration to vote in this election. Voters who have moved or changed their name must re-register to vote. California Elections Code §2102 & 2107)



You do not need to vote on every issue, but exercise your right – and responsibility – and VOTE!

One of our facebook friends continued the conversation, “WHY VOTE?? even those that we elect screw everything up!”

And that is a good question.  While it might feel futile with recent happenings in Washington DC, our city council elections do make a difference in our day to day life here in South City. In many ways we are still a small town and we may know the candidates or know of them. We can read their candidate statements and see if they walk their talk.

Our city council appoints those on commissions that make decisions about our parks, our developments, etc. They oversee our police and fire departments as well as parks and recreation, library and public works. They work with our school district.

We have some candidates that are currently serving on our school board and our planning commission. And we have some incumbents. To round it out we have other neighbors that are willing to step up and offer their vision and direction. We are very fortunate to have such a large group of qualified neighbors on our ballot and we thank them all for putting themselves out there. It is not easy, campaigning or serving.

With local elections we can see more directly cause and effect that seems to perhaps get lost in state and federal campaigns.

Our city has some major development on the drawing boards, we’ve had some horrific gang activity in the recent past that has subsided, and we have many department heads retiring. Our city is poised to make some big changes and this will be an important election for those reasons.

Take a few minutes to review some of ESC’s material on our website which includes links to the debates so you can hear them live.

A city councilmember receives a stipend of $500 a month. For that they must attend monthly city council meetings, the Redevelopment Successor meetings, board meetings where they represent our city, as well as many other meetings and functions in our city, and for our city.

While we may not like many politicians, by not voting at all we allow apathy to win. We need better than that to represent, and to lead our city. If not for us, for our kids.

In the running:

City Clerk: Krista Martinelli – unopposed

City Treasurer: Frank Risso – unopposed

City Council 2 year term – 1 seat, 1 vote only, 3 candidates:

**Carlos Martin, Karyl Matsumoto, Colin Post

City Council 4 year term- 3 seats, up to 3 votes, 8 candidates

Maurice Dupra Goodman, Pradeep Gupta, Rick Ochsenhirt, Mark Addiego, **Liza L Normandy, Kate Mackay, John Harry Prouty, William (Bill) Lock

**Denotes current candidate websites that provide additional information from candidate statements

San Mateo County Community College District Members, Governing Board Vote up to 2 candidates

Richard Holober, George Yang, J Samuel Diaz, Tom Mohr FOR MORE INFO ON THESE CANDIDATES CLICK HERE



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