Kids Playgrounds: Where did the teeter-totters go?

South San Francisco, CA October 15, 2013Photo; wikipedia

A new neighbor in town wrote to Everything South City inquiring if we had any local parks with teeter- totters. We put the question to our Facebook friends and ask if anyone else has suggestions.

“I have a question.  I have a four year old daughter asking if  I could take her to a park with a seesaw.” our new neighbor wrote, ” I’m thinking I haven’t seen a park with a teeter totter we recently just moved here from Chicago. Any suggestions?”


Michelle Bissell Morgan Awww, my heart breaks……. Get that sweet girl a see saw teeter totter!!!!


Janel M Chrestenson Pearson Maybe Cherry Park. I haven’t seen a teeter totter in years!


Jannette Alvarado Spruce schools upper playground has one


Jannette Alvarado It should be open I’ve seen kids playing there on the weekends


Everything South City Thanks for hook ups, question came out wrong! Where can we find a local teeter totter?


Robert Estrada I have heard that they are now considered a high risk element to playgrounds and are thereby less common.


Janel M Chrestenson Pearson We still got it right!


Michelle Bissell Morgan The simple things are the sweetest K


Joanne Evars poor Darling could hurt herself


Lisa McKay Gellert Park used to have one.. maybe check there.. It is in Daly City but not too far..


Vanessa Flores Gellert park in Daly city has one. Was there about 2 weeks ago.


Mary Sindelar Thank you all very much we will check it out


Debi Hdz’Horny Orange Park- SSF; San Bruno Park; Central Park- San Mateo


Mathew Anderson I wanna go


Mary Sindelar Orange park is a nice park but no teeter totter


Ashley Hope I have one across the street from me. Daly City midway drive


Joe SKii try buri buri park and selic park in westborough


Amber Lynn Keller Selic park has one, and I think Avalon too..


Gayathriedevi Janakiraman Yes, check out local parks and due to safety reasons, they have eliminated a lot of them. Hope you find one for her to enjoy!


Muriel Pleasic Peninger I don’t think they have them anymore. To dangerous ,many parents don’t watch their children and to many accidents its too unfortunate.


Robert Guinasso Born and raised in So. City. Recently went back to visit and when I checked to see if the old park (WITH ENCLOSED playground ) at the bottom of Zamora was still there to my surprise it was. Basketball courts were gone. Grass field instead


JoAnn Willis I think most have been taken down because they are dangerous.

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