Maurice Goodman; City Council Candidate 2013 4 year term information

South San Francisco, CA October 25 , 2013

ESC has worked to encourage our neighbors to come out and vote as this is a very important local election. We have 4 out of 5 city council seats to be filled in this November 5th election.  Thanks to San Mateo Daily Journal and the question answer they have provided on each candidate to allow us a better idea of our candidates beyond the statement they submitted when they filed for their campaigns. More information can be found for Maurice Goodman on the SMART VOTER Website HERE

These questions are directly from The San Mateo Daily Journal

Maurice Goodmangoodman_m
Age: 41
Education: B.S. criminal justice, California State University, East Bay
Experience: South San Francisco Unified SchoolDistrict, trustee; American Red Cross, volunteer;
former business owner and teacher
Family: Family of seven

What measures should the city take to better downtown?

Maurice Goodman: The city should hold absentee property owners responsible for the proper maintenance and upkeep of their property. In addition, the city should work to bring in a small to midsized retail chain to anchor and drive foot traffic in addition to holding “Off the Grid” events.

What can the city do to encourage use of the ferry terminal?

Maurice Goodman: City leadership dropped the ball in its ferry terminal planning. After all of the work put in getting the terminal here it seems like a community disservice to have not created a contingency. Work with local businesses and create an incentive program beneficial to workers and businesses. Possibly even consider a hotel development near the terminal.

Do you think the city has taken the right approach to development throughout the city?

Maurice Goodman: Yes, however, with new tenants like K-1 speed in the east of Grand area and the closure of Malibu in Redwood City, that area can be a site for a family entertainment and recreation destination with a movie theater, miniature golf, indoor soccer and other recreational activities that our region travels to Fremont and further to enjoy.

What is one ordinance or fee you would like to see repealed?

Maurice Goodman: The red light cameras … from the millions of dollars lost due to poor oversight, not ratifying the contract to the number of tickets that are overturned daily and the lopsided amount of elderly and poor that are stuck pay the fines while those with the means to fight the ticket are not.

Do you think the city has made fiscally responsible decisions?

Maurice Goodman: Yes, despite the issues raised in my previous responses I believe with the administrative leadership our city has, we are poised to thrive and capitalize on our city’s workforce, proximity to San Francisco and our great school system.

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