Rick Ochsenhirt: City Council Candidate 2013 4 year term information

South San Francisco, CA October 25 , 2013

ESC has worked to encourage our neighbors to come out and vote as this is a very important local election. We have 4 out of 5 city council seats to be filled in this November 5th election.  Thanks to San Mateo Daily Journal and the question answer they have provided on each candidate to allow us a better idea of our candidates beyond the statement they submitted when they filed for their campaigns. More information about Rick Ochsenhirt is available on SMART VOTER website HERE

These questions are directly from The San Mateo Daily Journal

Rick OchsenhirtRick Ochsenhirt
Age: 59
Education: B.A. from San Francisco State University
Experience: Chair, South San Francisco Planning Commission; board member, South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
Family: Married
Residence: 28 years in South San Francisco

What measures should the city take to better downtown?

Rick Ochsenhirt: Attracting citizens to come downtown to shop and eat, one must provide an attractive and safe environment. We need the downtown police bike patrol to work all year long. I want to make the downtown sidewalks wider with parallel parking and will make Grand Avenue a friendlier area.

What can the city do to encourage use of the ferry terminal?

Rick Ochsenhirt: Offering businesses incentives to have their employees use the system. Shuttles aimed at proper connective areas with good timing. A ferry schedule conducive to companies’ work day. Outreach not only to companies but to all our citizens. Encouragement to get out of their cars and ride the waves of the Bay.

Do you think the city has taken the right approach to development throughout the city?

Rick Ochsenhirt: The city bought property in our redevelopment areas and then went out and got developers to do the projects on the land. Now this is gone. The rezoning of the city we did two years ago will allow us to gauge the land use we need in the city. The right approach will be moving our planning goals to fit the process that will best suit today’s economy.

What is one ordinance or fee you would like to see repealed?

Rick Ochsenhirt: Many leaders will use these as an easy solution to an issue but I want to take a longer and slower process before deciding on them. One ordinance with a fee that recently was removed is the sewer lateral ordinance as a point of sales policy. The burden on the homeowner was enormous and made the home selling and buying process tedious and unfair.

Do you think the city has made fiscally responsible decisions?

Rick Ochsenhirt: The city has done the best it could during difficult years. However, the city has a great built-in general fund stream with the biotech, hotel and big box retail base. I want to continue providing services for safety and high standard of living. Also, providing services for our seniors and having open spaces and activities for our youth.

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