Rules of the road are questioned- what answers do you have?

South San Francisco, CA October 11, 2013

South City resident Debi Hdz’Horny contacting us on our facebook page with this question and the following conversation ensued. What advice or information would you give her?

From Debi:

Wondering if you could answer a question.
At the stop light (red light) on Hickey and El Camino Real, when it is your turn to make a left or U turn off EC on to Hickey, do you the green light have the right of way to make a U turn. Numerous times in trying to make a u turn the cars turning left off of Hickey to go towards Costco, will try to beat the people making the u turn on their green light, I honked at this jerk and he flipped me off and yelled out the window. My question is,  didn’t I have the right away, and where are the cops when these jerks do this? Just asking????

Jim Johnson Good question I would like to know too

Julie Mcgrayne Zanartu No! They have a red light for their right turn. If you are making a legal U turn they have to yield!

Karen Davenport Whoever has the green light has the right of way.

Crystal Trevino They are in a red. You have the right of way.

Jamie Nazzal You have the right of way since the people have a red light trying to make that right to go towards costco

Mary Vance You have the right of way at that green light. The cars making the right hand turn at hickey need to stop first at their red light and give you the right of way.

Pete Carrillo S.S.F.PD Are out killing kids!

Ashley Hope You have the right away they have to yield. Too bad the cameras couldn’t catch that.

Marsha Wray There are traffic cameras there. Someone not yielding at a red light to someone with the green light will be mailed a ticket. They are almost $500.

Joanne Evars stop the cameras

Julie Mcgrayne Zanartu Why Joanne Evars? Are they going to catch you not wearing your seatbelt? LOL!

Tim Hopkins I think you meant they are turning right to go towards Costco. You have the green arrow and the right of way to make a left turn onto Hickey or make a U turn. They can turn right on a red if they have stopped and there is no one making a u turn.

Rose Chang Chiu Yes, if you have the green to make left or U-turn, you have the right of way; they have the red and can make a right turn if it is safe to do so… which, if you are trying to make a U-turn, would not be! I think that’s the corner w/a sign that states you can make a right turn after stopping at the red, but he must be dumb to think it means without yielding to the people with the right of way.

Janel M Chrestenson Pearson Some people are just iceholes!

Debi Hdz’Horny @Tim You’re right, the incident got me confused

Brian Cassidy Cameras only work if they don’t make a complete stop. Not for being dumbasses

Christina Barnett Haas Green light has the right of way in that instance, NOT the person turning right!
Here’s some more info:

Angelique Presidente OMG I just made a I turn at ECR and someone was turning right, I had the green and they tried to race through and had a red while I was u turning

Kelly Sheridan Absolutely, you have the green light. You have the right of way no matter which direction you are going.

Brian Perry shared:   V C Section 21801 Left Turn or U Turn  Vehicle Code

Julie Marie Martinez It’s the same at the light on spruce/ec when making a u-turn near see’s candy. People turning right from spruce onto ec often think they have the right of way… Not true

Christine Moore Sounds like the same people that turn from the right lane and cross all the way left even though there are two right turn lanes

Randy Cruz You can take the license plate and turn them in to ssfpd your in the right they will always loose 2hen they try it with me.JS


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