Termite Weather; heads up

South San Francisco, CA October 5, 2013

A word to the wise from one of our neighbors:
He wanted to let everyone know that it’s that time of the year again and the weather is right. The termites are out swarming right now.

He recommends that homeowners take a walk around their homes while they are swarming and see if termites are coming out of the ground where an old stump might have been cut, where wood piles might have been sitting for any length of time, near the foundation of your home (worst case scenario and would mean they are living in your house), or in the eaves of your home.

If you have holes around your eaves or anywhere a termite can crawl into, he recommends plugging the hole with steel wool or spraying the hole with and approved termite pesticide.

Photo source: How Science Works

Photo source:
How Science Works

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