What do cops do everyday?

South San Francisco, CA October 28, 2013SSFPD logo

So what do cops do everyday? Hit the donut shop? Snag their required tickets for the day? Find a dead end street and catch a few Zzzz’s? What other illusions do you have about a day in the life of a cop?

Everything South City shares with you one random day of dispatch calls made for officers to check out and handle. While each day is different, some calls are repetitive. We’ve heard some neighbors think their issues are not important; why bother the police department because someone has been driving up and down the street for over an hour, seemingly suspicious. We are hoping that neighbors who read this one day log will realize our cops are busy and they are busy taking care of our concerns, no matter how big or small.  From checking on traffic problems, or gang activity, to domestic disputes or kids smoking pot, to needing a coroner, our cops pretty much see it all.

If you need them in real time for an emergency always dial 911. For anonymous tips call 952-2244. The police department can also be reached for non-emergencies at 829-8900.

The city website, under the Police Department heading, has a menu for Media. Beneath that you will find the Media Bulletins which list the dispatch calls made during a 24 hour day.  Below are the calls for Wednesday October 23rd.  This page is updated regularly although at times it maybe a week behind.  After reading through some of these calls from a typical day you just may have a new found respect for those in blue that must handle a wide variety of concerns at a moment’s notice.  In addition our department offers a CITIZEN’S POLICE ACADEMY 2 times a year which gives a fuller understanding of the demanding jobs done by our police.  The fall course is now underway and spring class dates will be posted in 2014.

On Wednesday November 19 at 11am the public is invited to the SSFPD Badge and Swearing In Ceremony at the MSB (33 Arroyo)  as we welcome the following to our department, and our city:
Officer Sean Selig
Officer Daniel Finnegan
Officer Daniel Zhang
Officer Brian Blake
Officer Paul Injaian
Dispatcher Maria Scafani
Parking Enforcement Officer Remy Loubriel

There is also a county dispatch report that monitors calls to fire departments county wide and can be accessed HERE. Firedispatch is in real time and by using the menu LOG and clicking on South City Fire you can see some of the calls that our FD handles. This is a great resource when you hear fire sirens and would like to have an idea of what is happening.

SSFPD bulletin 10.23.2013-page-001SSFPD bulletin 10.23.2013-page-002SSFPD bulletin 10.23.2013-page-003SSFPD bulletin 10.23.2013-page-004SSFPD bulletin 10.23.2013-page-005SSFPD bulletin 10.23.2013-page-006


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