Lady Parts Automotive; Vote for grant to help repairs for those with low income

South San Francisco, CA      November 8, 2013    lady parts auto

LADIES START YOUR ENGINES!! Seriously, this is awesome!
Audrey Rose Mesia is asking for votes to win a grant at LADY PARTS AUTO to help low income family pay for car repairs.
Please take a minute out of your busy day and make a difference – pay it forward and SHARE. Let’s help these ladies help our communities.

We would love your help! Can you please take the time to vote for LadyParts Auto? This amazing grant would give us the opportunity to expand, create more jobs, and start a fund to help homeless/low income families with their car repair.

A note from the owner:

Just to expand a bit on what we’re hoping to do: LadyParts Automotive is on a MISSION – and we need a minimum of 250 VOTES from all of you by NOVEMBER 15th!

While we’re rapidly changing the public’s perception of automotive repair shops and quality customer service, it’s also our goal to help our community. The ‘Chase Mission Main Street’ grant program was created with this in mind! We’ve just completed an application to secure one of twelve $250,000 grants that Chase issues every year.

We’re already well-known for our groundbreaking car care clinics and our community outreach program (and of course our outstanding repair work –if our YELP rating is any indication!) –but we want to do even MORE!!! It is our ‘MISSION’ to do a lot of great work with these funds:

• A fund to assist homeless and low-income families with their auto repairs (sadly, many are forced to live in their cars – a reliable vehicle is important as they seek work and try to move forward toward better days for themselves and their families…)

• The ability to ramp up our ‘LadyLounge’ radio programming on Clear Channel quickly – not only is this a fun and informative program with relatable and understandable discussions about the car care industry – it’s also a ‘vehicle’ for spreading the word about the benevolent causes that we are so passionate about.

• The expansion of our apprentice program – which gives young women with an interest in a career in automotive repair a complete ‘hands- on’ experience with superior instruction from our stellar techs! (we already have our first female entry level tech on board!)

• This grant will also enable us to grow our existing LadyParts Automotive facility and create more jobs – and more jobs for those who want and need them is what it’s all about!

Helping us secure this financial grant is easy! Just click on the link below and vote from your Facebook page – that’s all there is to it! business/detail/22022

And of course… if you would SHARE THIS LINK with your friends and family, we’d be beyond grateful.

Thank you all so much for your amazing support!!! And please VOTE by November 15th!!!

Mae de la Calzada LadyParts Owner/Manager

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