Please share this request to find Jose Bato

South San Francisco, CA     November 11, 2013

Jose Bato is missing in the destruction in the Philippines and has family in South City. Please help us get the word out to locate him.

Jose Bato is missing in the destruction in the Philippines and has family in South City. Please help us get the word out to locate him.

HELP. This is Jose Bato. He has been living in Brgy. Sto. Nino Tanauan Leyte, yep smack in the middle of this horrendous devastation in the Philippines. Like a lot of folks, he’s missing.  He has family here in South City and we here have so many connections from SSF to the Islands, PLEASE share this. He was originally Filipino American Citizen and decided to retire in Leyte a few years ago.

Jonathan Hadden writes, “I am Jose’s son-in-law in South San Francisco and we are desperately seeking information on Dad as well. We sent Dad a package with his medication last week and are worried the package will never find him. We’ll get more meds and send to an alternate address as soon as we receive his whereabouts. We’ve reached out on social media for assistance with Dad’s status/location to friends and family who have also relayed his picture and information to their contacts.” Dick Garza adds, “If some knew his whereabouts, please email us I am his nephew residing here in California. Were trying to locate him and his family up to now. Many thanks.”

Someone must have seen him over there. The family needs to know his outcome. Please keep prayers (for all) and that he is located, and with your help to others in the area we just may be able to locate him.
A small miracle among such devastation. Keep hope alive. SHARE.

Jose Bato and  Marilyn Manalaysay

Jose Bato and Marilyn Manalaysay

If you have any information please contact: or call: 0999-9942664
More info can be found HERE

2 comments for “Please share this request to find Jose Bato

  1. Jonathan Hadden
    November 13, 2013 at 10:00 am

    Father in law (Jose Bato) has been located alive!!! He lost everything from the typhoon and may have sustained injuries. Haven’t talked to him yet, received info minutes ago from his sister Lita who sent their nephew from Manila to search for him. They will try to make their way back to Manila. Was also told that people are getting violently victimized for their food and supplies.

    Thank you lord for protecting Jose!

    • Editor
      November 13, 2013 at 7:37 pm

      Thank you so much for your update and we area so happy he has been located, in spite of the serious situation that still face everyone there. We had rec’d your message below and were about to add it.

      Status Update
      By Janel Bato Hadden
      We just got the news we were waiting for. Just heard back from my cousin Ed and Auntie Lita – my dad is ALIVE!!!!!! And Auntie Josie is alive too.

      Cousin Kuya Boy traveled from Manila to Tacloban. Both my dad and Auntie Josie homes are completely gone with nothing salvageable. I’m grateful my dad was able to take up shelter at a friends house, he had no food or clothes, just literally the clothes on his back. Looting in the streets was bad & people were hurting others stealing food, a very dangerous situation for Kuya Boy. At least 150 dead people just laying there in front of their homes.

      We don’t know if dad is well enough to travel back to Manila at this time, but at least we know Kuya Boy will not leave dad alone, they will figure out how to both get back to Manila.

      I’m grateful to Kuya Boy for finding him. Praise God! Our prayers were truly answered. I’ve never met Kuya Boy but I’m extremely extremely grateful to him for finding dad.

      Thank you Auntie Lita Bato and to Ed for making this happen. We are so grateful.

      Family, please spread the word to everyone that dad Joe Bato is found safe and alive. And thank you friends/family who prayed and shared my dad’s picture and name around… we are eternally grateful.

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