2013 in three words; what would they be?

South San Francisco, CA                           December 31, 2013

How would YOU summarize the year 2013 in three simple words? Below we threw the question out to our FB readers and we share their replies.

Stanley Williams See Ya later!

Mark Jeffrey Barlaan Effin suck ball$!

Daniel C Giants No 1 cares !!!

Jessica Harris Good and bad

Jorge Alegre Worst year ever.

Christine Becker Good bye thirteen……..

Mike Mullan Glad it’s over

Denise Lucia Premenko Where’s the rain?

Johnny Marcelo What the fuck

Mike Mullan Dodgers didn’t win!!! Hahahahahahahaha

Robert Estrada Malala, Snowden, Obamacare.

Mary Sindelar So very sad

Kathy Altizio Tetreault hills and valleys

Patty Moreno Happy and Sad

Darcie Cristina Glad it’s over

Jesse Mohr not too bad

Cristina Sandoval Full of blessings.

Sergio Jauregui Turn. The. Page.

Brandi Magner IT WASN’T CANCER!!!!

Everything South City Brandi Magner BEST. WORDS. EVER!

Karen Romano Fan tas tic!

Maria Pineda blessing to all

Kaitlyn Firenze Quest for six

Stephanie Segel Glad it’s over.

Sean Doubleu F**k south city

Carol A. Dowling Agony and the ecstasy

Renee Cortez Glad it’s over

Louie Zamboni Everything South City

Lucinda Denning happy new year

Judy Stone Uncommonly warm December

Lou Pantoja A.B.C.

Christina Barnett Haas I love South San Francisco

Lucinda Denning thats four letters Christina Barnett Haas

Patricia Baker +1 Glad.It’s.Over

Joni Cerquettini Let’s move on!

Jackie Moreno Bullshit ass year

Frank Poncherello Sucked big ****.

Javier Panuco In the Books!

Anita Porpoise Not that bad

Valerie Hronis Glad its over!

Northcounty Preventionpartnership Live Long & Prosper.

Bonnie Zavadil Macaraig Hasta la vista

Kim Moran Glad it’s gone

Thomas Moran Thank you God.

Noel Antonio Arauz f**king bull shit

Jose Escobar Oh, heck yes!

Cynthia Arias a la chingada!!!!

Lucinda Denning lol Cynthia Arias

Julie Marie Martinez Had my miracle

Christina Barnett Haas Lol

Andre Bautista Paul Walker’s Gone

Nicholas A. Vejmola Strangest year ever.

Bonnie Tognetti Paris, Barcelona, Florence

Merton Chun Made right choice.

Marisa Tamburini Meier My mom died ;(

Joshua Troche Two thousand thirteen.

Jeannette Yesitsnineletters South San Francisco

Johnny Melendiz Real hard work

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