Merry Christmas To All From Everything South City

South San Francisco, CA     December 25, 2013

Sign Hill with Merry Christmas ROGERS PHOTO

We would like to wish each and everyone of you a

very merry Christmas. Be good to each other.

*Maria Reynoso Likewise Blessings

*Joseph Troche Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year to ESC! Continue your great service throughout 2014!!

*Everything South City Thank you!!

*Rich Jolynne Merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

*Kathi Wendt Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all in our wonderful city!

*Azella Tingler I remember seeing, this when driving to the city from the bay shore

*Joyce Messing merry Christmas SOUTH CITY!

*Douglas Rumsey Merry Christmas Pam & Bob.

*Merton Chun and a Mele Kalikimaka to our fellow SoSF’ers. May the New Year bring you and yours much good.

*Ava Jalapeno Popper Romero merry christmas to Everything south city, xoxo from Chef Ava Marie

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