Teen Success Inc Announces Teen Moms Can Remain In Program Until Age 21

South San Francisco, CA     December 3, 2013

Photo: TSI

Photo: TSI

Moms everywhere will attest to the fact that motherhood is a lot of work under any circumstances. But for teen moms it becomes even more difficult as they are still striving to reach their own basic accomplishments such as finishing high school.  Teen Success Inc has provided help for teen moms and Adriana Escobar has just announced that teen moms can remain in the program until they reach 21 years of age.  This means moms can enroll up to the age of 20 to they can complete their high school education and receive their diplomas (or equivalent). New members will receive $10 every group they attend, and once they hit 20 groups they will receive $100 CASHHHHH! Child care and snacks are provided! If you know of anyone that can benefit from this program, please contact Adriana at 415/913.9781.

From Teen Success Inc:

TSI is learning about the impact we are having on our members. Delaying additional pregnancy while a teen, completing high school, and developing social and emotional assets are key outcomes we strive for. In the 2012-13 program year, we made an impact in all of these key areas that we know lead to successful outcomes for our members and their children.
There was a 44% increase in birth control use among teen mothers enrolled in Teen Success during 2012-13. Preventing additional pregnancies allows Teen Success members to focus on their first child and their own achievement.

“Most of our members were not using any form of birth control when they started the program. Now, by the end of they year, almost all of our members are using birth control.”

-Sarahi Ovalle from our partner organization Nuevo Comienzo in Orosi

84% of our members are staying in high school and are on track to graduate. Teen Success is working closely with the other 16% to reengage them in school. Nationally, only 51% of teen mothers graduate from high school.

In focus groups conducted with our members:

*   98% feel more able to reach their potential
*   95% feel supported in ways they are not getting anywhere else
*   87% are better able to identify and achieve education and career goals


measuring success

Teen Success, Inc. is driven by results. Our goals are based on what we know is necessary for teen moms to get and stay on a path to success: 
1. Complete high school
2. Delay having additional children until emotionally and financially ready
3. Build social and emotional assets as the foundation for success
4. Develop skills and attributes to be effective “first teachers” to children

TSI has a demonstrated record of results: 
Teen Success members are more likely to achieve these goals than the general population of teen moms:
         * More than 85% are on track to graduate high school, compared to
less than 50% of teen moms nationally.
         * Less than 1% of Teen Success members have a second child while 
            a teen. Nationally, more than 20% of teen mothers have a second 
            child as a teen.

TSI is changing lives every day: 
* 95% of teen moms in the program say it makes them feel supported
and understood in a way they are not in any other part of their lives
* 98% of members say TSI makes them feel better about themselves
and more confident in their ability to achieve goals
          * 87% say that TSI is helping them identify and achieve future 
            educational and career goals

Growth Plan

Teen Success, Inc. is in the midst of a three-year growth plan to significantly scale up the number of teen mothers who can participate in the program. The expansion is focused on California, in particular the Central Valley, and is moving to other states as deemed appropriate. In determining which communities to expand in, TSI uses a mix of data-driven analysis and entrepreneurial opportunism, including:

• Need: Teen birth rate, number of teen births, availability of other programs for teen mothers
• Demand: Demonstrated interest in and need for the program among stakeholders (teen mothers, partner agencies, funders)
• Resources: Funding potential and sustainability, community support, recruiting mechanisms
• Efficiency: Potential to leverage economies of scale in program implementation

Although TSI allocates funding based on geographic priority, in some instances, partner organizations who fall outside the priority geographic areas but have independent funding for Teen Success and can implement the program effectively may become partners.

implementing Partners


August 2012 TSI partner training
TSI partners with agencies and organizations who are positioned in communities of need and can establish broad-based community support for the program. These partners are the direct implementers of Teen Success support groups. TSI headquarters staff work closely with partners to ensure that the program is delivered effectively and with fidelity, so that each community can see comparable results.

TSI provides partners with training and orientation, ongoing support and technical assistance, and access to a centralized database with program materials and data entry system, as well as funding to cover direct program costs. Partners are expected to maintain fidelity to the program, work in close partnership with TSI, and be results-driven. 

Current Partners

3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic: San Francisco
ACT for Women and Girls: Visalia, Exeter
Brighter Beginnings: Richmond, Antioch
Clinica Sierra Vista: Bakersfield
Community Youth Ministries: Dinuba, Reedley
Fresno Barrios Unidos: Fresno
Natividad HospitalSalinas
The Latino Commission/Nuevo Comienzo: South San Francisco, Orosi
Teen Success, Inc.: Redwood City, East Palo Alto, San Jose
Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center: Hayward

potential Partners

TSI aims to develop partnerships that will be long-term relationships. As such, there is an assessment process to determine whether potential partners are a good fit for the program, including a written proposal, several exploratory conversations, a site visit, and a Memorandum of Understanding.

If you are interested in partnering with Teen Success, Inc. please contact Kris Ahmed, Program Director, at kahmed@teensuccess.net.

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