2014 in three words; what would they be?

South San Francisco, CA      January 1, 2014

What are YOUR hopes for this New Year? In three little words what would YOU say? Here is a sampling of replies by our neighbors from our FB page:

Isabel Monster Cervantes just another day

Stanley Williams To new heights!

Elizabeth V Bell-Peterson Looking forward to it.

Jesse Mohr Nice and relaxing

Maria Alston Bring it on

Gwen Domingo Big blessings ahead

Wendy Kerbs-Keach a new beginning

Gal Bedak two thousand fourteen…lol

Mono Hernandez f**k the police . off probation this year

Jose Chavez shots ! shots ! shots ! – Lil Jon

Juan Garcia HA HA HA

Jose Chavez YES ! YES ! YES ! – Daniel Bryan, WWE

Jose Chavez Just Bring It – The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment- The Rock

YuSha Ng 3 words : happy new year!

Ricardo Ortega Street Soccer Ready!

Marilyn Dollar-Basques Home sweet home!

Deborah Mcgrath Good ole days

Pati Dentice Grossman Bring it on!!


Evan Klein Great year ahead!

Lynn Spicer Brand new me!!

Sheryl Lopez-Farragher

Jose Valencia Better not SUCK!!!!

Roger Jweinat Make Mucho Money

Sergio Jauregui Bring. It. On!

Lester Estrada We out here!

Carol Worswick Mazza More gray hair..

Viva La Graza QUEST FOR SIX!!!!!!

Leanne Gerardo Goff Bring it on

Jesus Pena Juliana’s Journey Foundation

Raquel Cordon-Curtis Promising, bright, blessed


Shane Hewson Win the lotto

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