Estrada’s Restaurant Make-Over Reviews

South San Francisco, CA     January 7, 2013

Last November Everything South City shared a piece by Inside Scoop on the upgrading to be done to Estrada’s Restaurant in Daly City by the crews at the Food Network. They had a budget of $10,000 and reopened the night following the renovations, to a full house.  Robert Irvine, of Restaurant Impossible, seemed pleased with the results, “Happy that Estrada’s had an awesome night” he posted after his 2 day event. Have you been there, if so, what did you think?

Some of our South City neighbors weighed in with their opinions after Karen McEvoy inquired if others had been back to this century old place after the upgrades.

Deborah Mcgrath Yes inquiring minds want to know

Dana Compani It’s delicious.

Christian D. Calderon  Check out their Yelp reviews.

Selma Copado Don’t waste your time, that Ramsey guy cut the menu down to a third. The waitress said they were leaning towards gourmet. Let me tell you there is no gourmet about chicken enchiladas! Really disappointed

Ava Jalapeno Popper Romero i will be going there sometime before the show airs in feburary with a former el camino high school classmate, on the food network i gotta go while its still fresh so i still gotta try some food

Michael James Firpo I went and was disappointed…. Service was really slow, and food was just so so…

Nichole Sutter  From what I heard it’s not worth it. Yelp reviews also clarify. But if you really want to know guess it’s worth checking it out yourself and make ur opinion.

Jerry Espinoza  Very limited menu. Mango margaritas were delicious. Waitress was fantastic.

Phil Fioresi Sr. A friend of mine was there the other night here’s what he said “Smaller single page menu with good specials with nice presentation and traditional fare. New color scheme and open layout with attentive service. Started with toasted coconut shrimp appetizers and went with enchiladas, salmon fajitas, and flan for desert. Overall good but not great. Presentation of specials were good and well seasoned but traditional entrees lacked in -depth flavor. Flan was the real deal. I missed the shrimp entrees and steak options from before but would still give it another shot.”

Troy Mitchell It was  Chef Robert Irvine. Gordon Ramsay would not waste his time on Estradas.

Susan Accetturo Kurhanewicz New twist on the sizzling tostada salad. I like it. Tamales were good also

Muriel Pleasic Peninger I would try it I grew up in Exeter and we had one of the best in Visalia. Hope its good as the one in Visalia.

Ria Higuera It’s always empty!

Tammi Scuglia Melnikoff Went there a couple weeks ago, a guy who worked there kept fiddling with a stupid light there like it was a disco, food was horrible, no taste, no flavor. They should taste test their food before they serve it. Wont ever go back, waste of money!

Jeffrey Kelly They need to do some advertising!

Kathi Wendt It was good! Went there last night! Wait staff n service was good. Smaller menu, but looks like things I would like to try. Stayed traditional w taco n enchilada platter-delicious! Not super large portions !

Jon Henz portion to small try Celias they have large platters and a nicer environment inc bar

Before the $10K was spent

 Prior to Irvine’s visit, some of our neighbors gave their opinions of Estrada’s when they learned the Food Network Guru would be making a project out of our local place:

asco @libby, don’t do it!

Mike Delucci Estrada is nasty as fuck . Food , service n drinks suck it needs a miracle not restaurant impossible ! Go to Las Trancas now that’s some good good !

Sam Mckeever Gonna miss the blinkie lights

Muriel Pleasic Peninger I used to go to Estradas in Visalia back in the fifties, it was the place to go when we went on dates. they hadthe best food there. I did go to the one in Daly city many years ago and it was real good. So I guess its still there, and I am glad food network will put it on the map again. good Luck.!

Janel M Chrestenson Pearson I hope they can make a comeback! I used to love it, but the last time wasn’t so great. If Irvine can’t fix it, nobody can. All the best to them all!

Ava Jalapeno Popper Romero I am so happy the owners will need help with food and decor makeover, its outdated and its about time Estrada’s needs a major change and i love restaurant impossible and they go all over the country and after one episode of watching the show at every eatery i dont ask for ice on my diet coke anymore because of germs that restaurants serve a lot of germs.

So i asked 2 people about their experiences my dad, and he said he and my grandpa bill dine there in the 60s and one time the waitress served soup in a CASSEROLE PAN???? wait a minute, and he said try to serve in a soup bowl and they decided never to go back for a long long time, and my friend Leah the Hair Cottage owner she and her dad Joe were customers for years since she was a child, she always love the food, but in the past year, she was driven away. When i told her about the tough celebrity chef coming, she was thrilled but happy for the owners that they need a makeover on the menu, pricing and decor big time, so will be there at the new Estrada’s thursday night with my brother, his fiance and his little kids will make a Reservation tomorrow, let’s pray for the owners, and they will do well if they listen to chef irvine and will totally agree so thanks for sharing ESC i hope you guys go on thursday night they need a 2nd chance

Willy Rodas Who are the new owner’s?

Linda Pro Estrada deserves a 2 nd chance —-Las Trancas may be next!!

Robert Estrada As an Estrada myself, I had always intended to give it a shot. I finally tried it, a few years back (I understand it has been bought and sold since then) but it stood out at the time as one of the worst places I had ever tried.

The atmosphere was dark, dingy, and creepy, as from a Quentin Tarantino film. The service was hilariously uninterested and dismissive. The food was like glue with not a single vegetable to be seen (and we ordered vegetarian food). It was so bad that my wife, now 11 year old daughter, and I often use it as an example when we think of awful restaurants.

Maybe we’ll give it another shot after the remake (if I know when that happenes) but anything would be an improvement over the giant dumpster that it was before.

Judee Potsie I remember it being very dark too, I should have brought in my flashlight.

Maria Pineda wow i thought they were gone along time ago i think this is good everyone deserves a chance good luck

Dale Ramirez I hope this is a success. I am 67 years old and grew up going to Estrada’s. However, it hasn’t been good for about 40 years. Keeping my fingers crossed it will make it!

Anita Porpoise When is the last time any of you went there? They have new owners! If you say they haven’t been good in 40 yrs… how would you know? Why would you go? A bad restaurant would not survive 40 yrs.

JoAnn Willis We bought one of those coupons and the food was UG! Hope for the best.

Juan Bustos It was such a dark place. Toooooooo dimly lit for my taste.

Lesli Capovilla My mom use to bring me there when I was a kid (in the ’70’s). It was really good! I hated salad until I ordered their sizzling salad. Then that’s all I ever wanted! In the early ’80’s I introduced my boyfriend to the place & we went a few times & he loved it. We didn’t go for years, then one time we went in the mid ’90’s, it sucked! It was worse than Taco Bell! The food was made as if the owner never had Mexican or Spanish food….ever! Food, Service & decor …… Lousy!!! I hope they can turn it around….. Good Luck!

Linda Micheli-Gunn 30 plus years ago Estradas was the best. They are a landmark and I am glad Robert Irvine will be working with them. Hope the owners will keep it as good as Irvine leaves it. Hate to see it torn down. GOOD LUCK‼️

Troy Mitchell Who actually got reservations? I called on the 17th right when they opened and was told they were all booked for Thurs night.

Lucinda Denning to Troy Mitchell you food guru…lol

Troy Mitchell I just want to see the big brit. I watch the show every week. I really hope they paint the inside a lil more neutral and either make it Mexican or Caribbean.. There is too much confusion going on with decor and menu. The outside needs a serious rehab. Looks like they will be a lil soggy tomorrow for the remodel. I might just stop by on Thurs night and try to sneak into the bar area.

Lucinda Denning i have never been there and i live in Daly City since 1997 and I’m like a 5 min walk from my house. lol


So if YOU go, please let us know what YOU think!

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