How does the SamTrans new schedule work for you?

South San Francisco, CA   January 25, 2014samtrans logo

Crystal WolfLady posted this on our facebook page and because 17 people ‘LIKED’ it and there were many good comments we are sharing it for a fuller audience and input. So please feel free to comment about how the recent SamTrans schedule changes have effected you and your commute.

 “If anyone is upset about the Lack of Bus service (130, 133 etc) be sure to Contact Mayor Matsomoto ( because she is the one who let this happen, being on the Sam Trans board. Remember Sam trans is HERE to serve us. If they do not….they should not receive Federal funding.”

Sharon Kay Gustilo Meyer Don’t forget the 132 that will no longer be running. How are the elderly on Hillside supposed to get around?

Kody Staubitz I have been complaining to Samtrans for years, They don’t run late enough and don’t run often enough and I hate that they don’t offer transfers. Their routes are much too long; it really shouldn’t take 2 + hrs to get from Daly City to SSF/SB.  Bottom line Samtrans may seem nice but they actually are quite a crappy service provider. So glad to live in SF now my transportation cost have gone down 75%!

Frank Poncherello Where were you all a year ago when this was discussed? I was writing letters and going to public meetings. Also, Karyl Matsumoto didn’t “let this happen.” She listened to our concerns and expressed her disappointment with the cuts multiple times. And yes, SamTrans’ service is not frequent enough. How about convincing your neighbors to support a modest tax increase to support better transit for the real people, instead of a useless ferry that only transports 150 people from the East Bay to Genentech each day?

William Gipe Maybe South City needs its own contracted shuttle service to provide some connections. That’s from under-served neighborhoods to BART or ECR bus.

Mary Sullivan-Almada They have taken away service that takes me to and from HOME! Don’t drive and this is NOT good. Lack of ridership?? the #130 is a vital bus route, and likewise the #133 shortening service and discontinuing funny, NEVER empty when I take ( or took) it!!!

The 2014 SamTrans schedule can be accessed HERE.

UPDATE January 29, 2014

Frank Poncherello Everyone suggesting SSF have its own shuttle is missing the point. The whole reason we have SamTrans is that prior to 1975, Daly City, South San Francisco, San Mateo, Redwood City, etc., had their own bus lines. They got you around the City you caught it, but nowhere else. People clamored for a regional solution to connect better and combine administration to save money — but they didn’t give it a dedicated funding mechanism. Better to pool money with neighboring cities and actually have a product that takes you someplace.

I don’t know if a shuttle today would be better. In the past 10 years, we’ve seen Burlingame, San Carlos, Foster City have shuttles start, then shut down because there’s no funding.


Liliana Morales I emailed Mayor Matsomoto. She forwarded my email to Samtrans. All Samtrans said was that “these changes were made as a result of 2 yrs of planning (analyzing ridership,the routine for each bus,comments from customers,community members and stakeholders). If changes were not made then Samtrans would be spending more than what they were making” If anyone else wants to email the person from Samtrans her email is A friend of mine called Samtrans and they told her to have people call and complain and see if Samtrans have enough complaints then they might bring back some routes.



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28 days ago

Old ECR route and schedule was more efficient, from home to work used to take 15mi. Vs. now it’s taking 45min. WHY????

Taylor Harms
Taylor Harms
8 years ago

I use the 133 route every single day to get to and from the Bart stations, which gets me to school. For four years prior, I took the 133 route to Serramonte, and transfered to the 121 to get to Skyline College. They have “shortened” the 133 route, completely cutting out the neighborhood I live in (Avalon Park). Beyond me getting to school, I’m more concerned about the elderly/disabled people who I see on the bus every single day who live in Rotary Plaza, and the Brentwood area. How are they to be expected to walk long distances to get around? Seems inconsiderate to me… These are the people who REALLY need public transportation. By taking their mobility away, they’re taking away some of their freedom. It’s just awful that these routes have been changed. I can always walk, so it’s just an inconvenience for me, but SamTrans can’t expect an elderly person, or a disabled person to walk a mile to the nearest Bart station, mall or even doctors office.