La Tapatia wins top place in best burrito says THE DAILY MEAL

South San Francisco, CA   December 20, 2013

OK we’ve had the discussion on Everything South City a few times – who has the BEST BURRITO in town and now we see that La Tapatia has made #16 in the top 20 across the USA in the The Daily Meal !!
How Awesome Is That??

‘Opened in 1976, La Tapatia was one of the first Mexican groceries to open in South San Francisco’s downtown, and it’s still going strong today, turning out some of the city’s finest burritos. It’s an unassuming market up front but a full-service taqueria in the back; everything is fresh, tortillas are made in-house, and the meats are grilled to order. Go for the al pastor and thank us later.’
Thanks to Amada Bortoli and Jaime Gonzalez for sharing THIS link!

The Daily Meal recommends the Al Pastor – what’s your favorite? Some of our neighbors shout out their favs:

Jenny M. Montañez Carnitas for sure!!

Adrienne Soto Grand and maple st.yummy

Rick Forman Best place in South City!!!!!

Angelique Presidente Carnitas!!!

Julio Barajas Best carnitas on Earth.

Julio Barajas Warm fresh made tortillas

Taylor Harms Los Cuates is my favorite burrito.

Russell Newton I skip the burrito and just buy carnitas by the pound with homemade fresh corn tortillas, but everything is bomb..tacos,burritos,tortas everything…

Liz Ashley Taqueria Celaya on Linden is delicious!!! Can’t go wrong with them!!

Noe Sanchez

Taqueria Celaya

Karen Davenport Super chicken, or veggie.

Rose Chang Chiu Barbara – FYI…

Danielle Delgado We shoulda got burritos

Sal Lopez Yeah gotta agree there carnitas are the best hard to replace but gotta be truthfull .the carne is gross bunch of small fatty pieces not like before when it looked like actual steak and there chicken is the same way tiny small meat with fat on it they need to start using better cuts .if we ever go there we only get carnitas burrito .also the rice and beans always good the sals is also a hit or miss as well lately .

Rich Barajas Been coming here since I was 5 yrs old!….bomb burritos, carnitas, n tacos dorados!

Vannessa Roxy Torres Hahaha… I made those signs. Seriously. Back around ’92. Which is why I love La Tapatia….why change a good thing?

Sunny Liner Carnitas all the way. Best best best

Pearl Navarro Barbara Valencia did you see this. Awesome!

Raul Duenas Chile relleno burrito is the best!!

Valerie Hronis The Chile Relleno burrito is amazing! If you haven’t had one..give it a try

William Silveria My Dad would sometimes walk from Parkway all the way downtown and buy us a Burrito when my Mom worked swing shift. they were the best.

Nancy Navarro Now I want a burrito!!!!!!Thinking tomorrow nights dinner, yum!!

Elvia Lopez El buerrito de buche.,’

Liz A Morrell so cool they made that list. had to be open before 1976 thou, we went there on a field trip in kindergarten, got a free pack of corn tortillas.

Angela Victoria Katoa Francis Katoa… so it was top 20 USA

William Shon II Will have to try the pastor. Usually never make it because they close so early.

Ana Nabeeh Sergio Castillo

George Melero Carnitas! They make the best!

Fernando Solis El palenque on hillside has the best burritos in south city!!!!!

Troy Mitchell Ill have to try your spot Fernando. I hope the burrito there does not let me down.

Julie Mcgrayne Zanartu Oh they are good, but El Super Burrito in Millbrae is the BEST!!

Delia Navarro Muniz Love everything at La Tapatia.

Matt Stone Their carnitas is the best, but that’s all. Hands down, the best taqueria on SSF is La Moreno on Baden St.

Carmina Galvan Romero Casi todo , taco dorado !!!,

Kevin Suacillo Did everybody forget about Taco Bell.

Socorro Luna I agree with Matt Stone la Moreno is much better then La Tapatia.

Kelly Sowers el farolito. the green salsa is

Patricia Baker Ha ha! Living in Western New York, where our selection of “Mexican” food leaves much to be desired (what we have here makes Jack in the Box tacos seem authentic), I must say I dearly miss El Faro. La Morena is very good, too.

David Valencia my vote is Taqueria Celaya! but everyone that knew it from before its still called “Ponchos”

Mob Livin I won’t lie la tapatia and taqueria celaya on linden ave have great burritos


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