Local Hook Ups for Day Care

South San Francisco, CA    January 17, 2014

Eva's Day Care in SSF

Eva’s Day Care in SSF

We were recently asked for a local hook up for daycare in South City for a 20 month old child. Many of our neighbors offered recommendations which we are listing here for reference and also to have more folks add suggestions.  Please feel free to comment and share your own experience, it really helps our neighbors very much.  Thank you.

Scarlet’s Daycare recommended by Cinthya Garcia and Gina Beal. Amanda Parker-Govea also offers her experience “Scarlets Family Daycare is the best, she watched my 6 and 7 year old from 6 months to 4years and is watching my 18 month old since 3 months, she is amazing!”

Friends to Parents recommended by one of their teachers Micheale Martinez and by  Sarah Eisler and Jelise Baires.  Kathi Carelli also shares her experience “Friends to Parents, just luv’d them. My son went there from 7 mo until the day before kindergarden”

Selma Copado suggests  “Try the Child Care Coordinating Council (San Mateo) they have resources in family day care and center based child care”

Michael Jaurigui recommends Eva’s Day Care – Home Www.evasdaycare.com

Rick Eastwood suggests “Little Hugs. Best preschool in SSF, located on Del Monte”

Denise Esquivel highly recommends “The Children’s Cottage….my kids were with Laly for years she is wonderful”

“KIDDIE HOP Daycare”  says Maria Rivas. “They are  in South City very, very reasonable, early learning phonics, math, astronomy,geography and much more… healthy breakfast and lunch…check out the website, their phone #315-1545”

Rene Marino suggests Debras family daycare. Everything South City could not find contact information.

Lesly ‘Eso’ Romero recommends Little Stars Daycare.

Mary Sindelar tells us “I’m not day care but i do babysit. Day care experience as well as 4 years teaching at public schools.”  Mary can be reached by contacting EverythingSouthCity@gmail.com

Erika Lopez shares Abuelita’s Daycare in San Bruno

Aurea Camarillo Benavides  says she recommends Chilo’s Day Care


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