Medication Drop Off at SSFPD 33 Arroyo FREE

South San Francisco, CA   January 23, 2014

HEADLINES: Happy & Horny 3 headed fish found off of Oyster Point!

Safe & convenient medication drop off site inside the Police Dept at 33 Arroyo

Safe & convenient medication drop off site inside the Police Dept at 33 Arroyo

OK maybe NOT a real headline so let’s keep it that way and dispose of ALL medications we no longer need at the PD at 33 Arroyo.

Directly inside the door on the left side is the collection box where you can safely dispose of all your outdated/ unused prescriptions, over the counter meds, vitamins, etc so they can be destroyed.

Many of us tend to flush these drugs down the drain which only sends them out into the bay. Even throwing them into the garbage they leach into groundwater. Can you imagine all the stuff the fish and other wildlife ingest over the course of their life time? Which moves it’s way through the food chain and eventually comes back to us. (painkillers, antidepressants, and hormones, are now being detected in creeks and bays)

No questions, no paperwork, just walk in and drop your stuff off at PD.

Needles can be dropped off at Fire Sta 61 on N. Canal (between Spruce & Linden- inside Admin office, reg business hrs)

GREAT reminder as the New Year gets underway and many of us are clearing out the old to make room for the new.


(Thanks to County Supervisor Adrian Tisea for starting this program many years ago!)


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