Neighbors weigh in on local Peruvian restuarants

South San Francisco, CA    January 2, 2013

Have you had a hankering for a good meal from a Peruvian place and unsure where to go? That was the situation with one of our local neighbors.  And as it always comes to be, our neighbors hook us up with the best. Any other suggestions, share!

Little help – anyone know of a good Peruvian restaurant? How about the old Charthouse in Montara or ?? An ESC friend has written:

“Hey I’m trying to find a Peruvian restaurant anywhere in the Bay Area…. any suggestions from others?”

Janel M Chrestenson Pearson One on El Camino in Redwood City – Estampas Peruanas. Nothing fancy but I have heard the food is good.

Nelson Escobar Puerto 27 Pacific

Sheeba Daniel Varghese La costanera in Half Moon Bay

Ester Picazo My friend Maria recommends Puerto 27 in Pacifica.

Jenny M. Montañez El Toro Loco in Pacifica as well.

Angela Marzetta It’s called Limon it’s in SF

Limon Rotisserie San Francisco Peruvian Cusine

Limon showcases a mouth watering menu featuring Peruvian cuisine coupled with a sophisticated ambiance. We invite you to come experience a memorable evening with us and see why we are voted one of San Francisco’s top 100 restaurants year after year. We proudly serve local products NO MSG!

Jason Selli Puerto 27 Pacifica

Rose Rudometkin Fresca in West Portal and The LaMar on the Embarcadero

Angela Marzetta My first time trying Paruvian food was from here.. AMAZING!!!

Matela Benpana La costanera halfmoon bay.

Riko Ćus La Costanera in Montara, Pasion in SF, Mi Lindo Peru in SF

Shiu Yin Fresca (West Portal, Fillmore or Noe Valley)

Anthony Nieva Mi Lindo Peru in SF

Noel Hayes Mi Linda Peru on Mission st in SF

William Shon II How about Pena Pachamama in SF? They also have nights with a lot of entertainment. The owner is a famous musician from Peru. It’s not a trendy place or a taqueria type place.

Troy Mitchell Fusion Peruvian Grill in San Mateo… Way better than Estampas.

Aaron Grgich I love boiled goose! It’s one of my favorite Peruvian dishes!

Jessica Massoni Puerto 27 in Pacifica is really good , I like it better than la costanera in HMB

Junior Corea El toro loco in pacifica better than mi linda and fusion in my opinion and you get alot of food for the price.

Olma Madrid Fusion in San Mateo. Excellent food. La Costanera is also great but different price point. The atmosphere/view and quality is worth it though.

Anthony Nieva  to Junior Corea El Toro Loco ?? Come on bro your better than that lol

Junior Corea Lol what??? Thats my joint Ant

Selma Copado Puerto 27 Pacifica

Carmen Camponuevo La Costanera hands down the best! Puerto 27 in Pacifica is also good.

Jacob Nowlin El Toro Loco in Pacifica. Im pretty sure its on Francisco right across the free way from Oceana High.

Deb E Deb la costanera and limon…its fancy peruvian if u want authentic home made food go to fina estampa in rwc or las americas…little hole in the wall but food is great…im from peru i know

Jelise Baires Rincon peru

Melody Gonzales Fresca on west portal and limón are two of the best.

Stephanie Miller El Toro Loco in Pacifica. Family owned. Delicious, but not a fancy spot, just cozy.

Alexandra D’Vega My husband is 100% Peruvian I will suggest ISABELLAS IN SAN JOSE OR FRESCA OR MANCORA SAN MATEO Felipe Valenzuela IS A GREAT CHEF..

Mary Lee Emilina’s in San Carlos



Francine Zelaya La Mar on the Embarcadero SF or Fresca on 24th/Noe in SF. Both are fabulous!

Jose Ureta I concur Las Costanera is really good; great view, great food but $$$. Fusion in San Mateo, Limon in SF are pretty good and not as pricey.

Mary Lavino Fresca and new in Pacifica puerto 27 same owners sooooooo goooood give it a try

Jesse James Alvarez 236bx in san mateo on b st.

Debbie Hensic Loudon San Mateo has one on B street

Ricardo Duarte Limón on Valencia St. In SF ..better than all other ones

Jenn Haug Mio Lindo Peru on mission in sf

Sean O’Byrne I second Alexandra D’Vega’s recommendation. Isabella’s in San Jose on Winchester just off 280 is a hidden GEM!

Lourdes Pulido Mi Lindo Peru On 30th & Mission in SF best Lomo Satado Ever!!

Wendy Zambrano-Mah Mi Lindo Peru in SF is good

Angelina Haro Limon in San francisco or mi linda Peru in san francisco is my favorite

Yvette Chaname Cracchiolo Emelinas in San Carlos. Now that’s authentic.I’m Peruvian,and grew up with authentic peruvian food.

Vicki Nuñez Try Limon in San Francisco

Sharon Albera I have heard that the one on Grand Ave is good. Never tried it though.

Patti Mahoney There is a new one in Pacifica Pervu 54 or 56

Elisa Nunez Mancora in San Mateo and 25th

Irma Ramos You Will Love It Incas Restaurant un 30 And Mission!!! The Best!!!

Irma Ramos On pier 27 in linda mar the Best too!!

Jesseca Carlos On mission and mission in Hayward ca

Marmolejo Cristina Costanera is the best! @ Montara by highway 1

Angelique Presidente Mi Lindo Peru in SF!!

Debi Hdz’Horny On Grand Ave. SSF, next to Cable Car Restaurant

Rita Hernandez Limon en SF



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