New Year Resolution or Bucket List? What’s in store for YOUR 2014?

January 2, 2013     South San Francisco, CA

New Year Resolutions or Bucket List Update;  what’s in store for your 2014? We asked this question on our FB page and these were the replies for our spur of the moment GAME ON contest. The winner was randomly chosen & announced at midnight with the winner Nicole Johnson receiving a PET CLUB gift certificate.

So now we ask YOU, our neighbors on our website – What is in store for you in 2014?  – Those who answer here on our Website will be eligible to win in this GAME ON. Must have 5 replies for the game to play – GO! Winner announced on January 15th!

Below are some of our neighbors responses:

Ava Jalapeno Popper Romero the new year is my year to travel around the US this year, I want to explore the world, from trying different foods, to visiting old friends I haven’t seen in a long long time, I will be going to Portland/Seattle, to New mexico or even go to reno on a bus trip with my sister molly as my chaperone and my neighbors of the association in 2014 other than that will continue walking from 2011 super good at tat, but I have to still aim to eat healthy my doctor said but I am a chef, I know what goes in my food, but that’s all on my bucket list for 2014

Angelica Flores Mines is to spend more time focusing on myself, growing, and pampering myself yet enjoying life and the wonderful friends and family I have as well.

Brittany Maalona I’m with Angelica. This is the year of ME. I’m taking care of myself.

Rosa Gomez Lemus This coming year I will spend less time on my phone texting and more time creating “special moments” with those dear to me, and I will make myself a priority.

Teresa Teani Gonna work on “paying it forward”

Michelle Brosnan New career and a happy family! To new beginnings and focusing on ME

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