SSFPD Media Release: Naked Man At Spruce School With Child

South San Francisco, CA         January 2, 2013            SSFPD Media Release SSFPD logo

Suspicious Circumstances Elementary School on the 500 Block of Spruce

On Wednesday, January 1, 2014, at about 3:29 PM in the afternoon, the  South San Francisco Police Department responded to an elementary school located on the 500 block of Spruce Avenue, on the report of a male subject on the playground who was not wearing any clothes. The school was not in session due to the winter break and there were no students on the campus.

An unknown male subject, about 18-19 years old, was seen without clothing, on the playground. He was described as a Hispanic or Filipino male, accompanied by a nine-year  old boy. The witness said the nine-year old boy appeared to be familiar with the subject, as the child did not appear to be under duress.

The subject placed his clothes back on after the boy told him a witness had seen him. The suspect was last seen leaving the area in a light blue Dodge Neon.

Anyone with information leading to the identification of the subject is encouraged to call the South San Francisco Police at (650) 877-8900 or the Anonymous Tip Line at (650) 952-2244.


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