Support Friends of the Library as they support our community

South San Francisco CA   January 13, 2014

Many remember our libraries as the place to go to check out books, gather information for reports and meet up with others to work on projects.  Today’s library services still offer that along with other great programs that are supported by South City volunteers through South San Francisco Friends of the Library.

This wonderful group helps implement literacy programs including Adult Literacy Project Read Tutoring and Children’s programs such as Project Read Learning Wheels.

Learning Wheels is a much needed innovated  program bringing reading to young children ages 0-5 that may not visit the library. Parents are invited to bring their children to the FREE sponsored events for story time which includes interactive activities relating to the book subject. Pat Jarvis narrates a wonderful video which showcases the kids and the projects shared with them and can be viewed HERE. The kids also get to receive free books.  It is well proven a child who masters the art of reading is more likely to complete a good education and move on to becoming a productive and responsible adult.  For times and locations please contact Project Read at 829-3871.

The Adult Literacy Tutoring has been in operation for over 30 years and continues to help adults begin the process of self-education toward greater independence through better literacy skills.  It boasts a record number of success stories including that of Robert Zenga. For those who would like to volunteer to help other adults improve their reading skills please contact the Project Read office at 650-829-3871. If you are seeking help to hone your own reading skills you may also contact staff at 829-3871 as well. Any staff member will be able to help you. Training for this volunteer program is set for later this month at the Orange Avenue library.

If you would like to join the SSF Friends of the Library be sure to make their quarterly meeting which takes place on the second Tuesday Evening at 6-7pm in January, April, July and October. The next meeting is tomorrow January 14.  This is a very rewarding experience for all involved. Make this the year YOU expand your  life – and that of someone else as well!

If your schedule is over booked yet you would still like to help support the programs, financial donations are happily accepted through the City’s paypal program HERE.  This is a wonderful way to make donations in memory or in honor of loved ones and/ or to choose specifically which programs you would like to help fund.

From the City website:

Friends of the Library

  • Promotes community support and use of the Libraries
  • Informs members about issues affecting the Libraries
  • Raises funds for supplemental materials and equipment
  • Sponsors special events and programs
  • Supports City literacy projects

Fill out a membership application to join the South San Francisco Friends of the Library. If you have questions, please contact the Friends.

View the most recent minutes or view all Friends minutes.

Meeting Schedule
The Friends of the Library meets the second Tuesday of January, April, July and October at 6 pm in the Main Library Auditorium, 840 West Orange Avenue.
Book Sale Schedule
book stack

Both the Main and Grand Avenue Branch libraries have ongoing, daily book sales. At the Main Library, there is a lobby book sale clearance at the end of the month.

In the Spring, usually the first Saturday in May, Friends holds an annual Book and Plant sale at the Main Library (and there are usually some special items for sale in addition to the usual books, videos, cds, etc.).

September sees the citywide garage sale and for the last several years, Friends has held a book sale at the Main Library on the same day.At Grand Avenue Branch Library, the daily book sale is located in the book nook.

Monies raised by Friends of the Library, are used in support of library programs and services.

Please e-mail us for more information.


2 comments for “Support Friends of the Library as they support our community

  1. wolfone
    January 15, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Would really love to support the library but it will be a lot harder after the 26th when
    Sam Trans “Deletes” the 130 bus that goes from DC to Grand Ave.
    If anyone cares we will be at the Jan 22 SSF city council meeting.

    Sam Trans doesn’t care about us but does SSF? Colma is trying to get a shuttle
    bus from DCBART to SSFBART a start at least.

    130 has been “Deleted” b/c it is not a moneymaker for Sam trans. Although I thought they
    were in the business of serving people apparently not.

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