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South San Francisco, CA  February 26, 2014  Submitted by Juan Bustos
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“Our Players think Globally, not locally!”

Friends of Baseball Without Borders,

In case you did not know or haven’t had the opportunity to purchase your tickets, we would like your support with our 2014 All You Can Eat Crab Feed on March 8th at the Armenian Hall.

This year’s BWB schedule is for our players is to participate in overseas baseball in Italy and Nicaragua/Costa Rica.

While in these countries, our player interact with their Italian and Latin American counterparts.

This interaction builds knowledge, understanding and respect while expanding the minds of our players to think globally – not locally!.

Additionally, this year BWB will be extremely active in donating large amounts of used baseball safety equipment to the kids around the world.

As you know this takes a lot of efforts and a lot of hard work to raise these funds to help ship this equipment.

Let me know if you would like to help us raise the needed capital by attending our crab-feed.

While the tickets may be a little above average ($100), I know you will agree we do above average work.

The dinner entry cost covers: dinner, beer, wine, soda, water and entry into our raffle of-up-to 10 prizes of $600.

I know you understand our needs and our desire to help our youth think globally while helping others tolay safe baseball.

Please help us, help others.

Contact me if you are still interested in attending.

We would love to see you and we could use your support.

Juan Bustos, President

Baseball Without Borders Foundation

South San Francisco, CA.



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