Congratulations to Everything South City February GAME ON winners!

South San Francisco, CA    February 15, 2014

Everything South City would like to congratulate our February GAME ON winners and thank everyone who has played along with us.  We believe this is a great way to bring more interaction between neighbors as we work to showcase and support local small businesses at the same time. While currently Everything South City does pay for the majority of prizes we do invite local businesses to partner with us. This is a great win/ win/ win since it promotes your business, covers ESC prize costs, and our neighbors become engaged with a winner becoming extremely happy with great prizes. Contact us at if you would like more information.


ESC Awards 4 gifts and 1 donation in February GAME ON

Submitted by Norma Lopez Hernandez

Submitted by Norma Lopez Hernandez

I can't remember exactly how old I was but it was around elementary school aged. See's had a giveaway of these little motorcycles with a sidecar. My grandfather woke me up extremely early to wait inline to get one. We ate at McDonald's before braving the cold weather. I had some orange that didnt sit well with my stomach and as we were waiting in line it all came back up. A woman from See's brought some paper towels out the cover the sidewalk and while I uncontrollably cried, my grandpa patted me on the back and let me know I was going to be okay. We had originally agreed to keep the motorcycles in the box but to make me feel better, he let me open mine up to play with. At the time it didnt mean much to me but looking back that was a real special moment I shared with my grandpa and think about it everytime I drive by See's. Submitted by Ashley Hope

Submitted by Ashley Hope

In our first GAME ON this month we asked neighbors to send us photos with a SEE’S Candy theme. The winner was Norma Lopez Hernandez who received a SEE’S Candy gift certificate from Everything South City. We also awarded a gift certificate to Ashley Hope for her heart warming SEE’S Candy story about her Grandfather.

WORLD CANCER DAY took place during our contest so we opened it to accept any Valentine’s theme photo for 12 hours while Everything South City pledged to donate $10 per photo submitted. We capped the donation at $300 which was given to Juliana’s Journey Foundation to help with the funding for clinical trials being done up at USCF. More on Juliana’s Journey Foundation HERE.  To donate click HERE.

Brunch for two at the 7 Mile House was the prize awarded to Angie Lin as she won the GAME ON contest for Valentine’s memories shared. Scott Poggenburg won a SEE’S Candy gift card for our Weekly Digest Subscriber comments.

Be sure to check with us often for our latest GAME ON as we generally hold 2 a month. All winners are randomly chosen and most gifts can be mailed. At times we will hold a GAME ON for locals only so we can deliver a gift to them.  More on our GAME ON click HERE.



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