Storms predicted later this week

South San Francisco, CA  February 5, 2014   Submitted by SSFFD Admin


After months of dry and quiet weather, a pattern change is allowing for more frequent storm systems to make their way into the Bay Area. The first chance of rainfall will be the middle of this week and a second chance by this weekend. The storm this weekend looks to be more significant in terms of rainfall amounts, however some widespread beneficial rainfall is expected for all areas.




· Moderate-High: Midweek Storm

· Low-Moderate: Weekend storm due to uncertainty on location of heaviest rain


  • This is the first briefing for these storm systems.


· Storm 1 Thursday:

· 1-3 AM: North Bay

· 2-5 AM: Major Urban Areas around SF Bay

· 4-7 AM: South of SF Bay

· Storm 2: Saturday/Sunday


· Storm 1:

· General 0.25-0.50 inches across the area.

· High spots of 0.50-1.00 inches in the Santa Cruz/Santa Lucia Mountains (south of Bay Area)

· Storm 2:

· Uncertainty on exact location of heaviest rain, but North Bay appears in line for most significant rainfall.

· Early indications show 1-2 inches of rain in the North Bay with significantly less around SF Bay and to the south.

· Saturday-Sunday rainfall



· No watches/warnings/advisories in effect at this time.

· View latest hazards for every county at:
*Impact 1 (Wet Roadways) :

· Wet Roadways  will be present in the major urban locations of the Bay Area for the Thursday morning rush hour and present hazardous driving conditions. We will advise motorists to drive slowly and allow extra time for their morning commute.

*Impact 2 (Flooding):

· Flooding not expected due to previous dry conditions. The combination of storms will bring beneficial impacts especially for the North Bay where several inches of rainfall is expected from the combination of both storms

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