7 Mile House & Keepers of the Flame

South San Francisco, CA     March 23, 2014

The 7 Mile House is proud to continue the long standing love affair between locals and  jazz. To show their commitment they are now featuring jazz three nights a week; Sunday, Monday & Tuesdays.  Even more spectacular is the renaissance of old school jazz in the flavor of historical greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway, and the others which they bring to life with KEEPS OF THE FLAMEDave Bendigkeit is now presenting his group on Monday evenings from 7-10pm and his group includes heavy hitters David Udolf on piano, Chris Amberger on bass,  and Akira Tana on drums. Of course Bendigkeit will be favoring us all with his trumpet and vocals.

Bendigkeit says of his KEEPERS OF THE FLAME “It is all original music.We are one of a group of the last remaining  voices from the past.From the great river of American music where the groove, and self-expression are paramount. As younger men, we worked and learned our craft by playing with everyone from Cab Calloway, Shelly Manne and Ella Fitzgerald to Freddie Hubbard, Sonny Stitt, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Art Blakey and so many other giants of this music.This is an offering by musicians who long ago stopped trying to sound like somebody else.”

For more information contact the 7 Mile House at 415/467.2343  To contact Dave Bendigkeit click HERE

7 Mile House giants of jazz Keepers of the Flame


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