Realtor Cindy Alger invites community to Speakers Series & Shred Party

South San Francisco, CA    March 13, 2014    Submitted by Cindy Alger

South City realtor Cindy Alger invites the community to the an educational program on March 27th. The speaker will cover topics on Real Estate, 401Ks and IRAs.  The program is offered through Cindy’s real estate business Prudential of San Bruno.

In addition Cindy invites us to the annual SHREDDING Party hosted by Prudential April 12th from 10-2. This is an excellent opportunity to have large quantities of home paperwork shredded to help protect you from identity theft. Everything South City has continued to report the increase we have of scams in and around our city. Shredding outdated documents and paperwork is one way to protect yourself.

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