What makes South City ‘Home’ to you?

South San Francisco, CA   March 11, 2014  

Two good articles came our way today and got us to thinking about responses we’d get from our neighbors to these two questions. How would you respond?

“What is most important to you when you settled on your home in South San Francisco? Or what would you look for if making the decision of where to live? “

what do you want in a neighborhood


The first article was posted by Dee Molina, a Brisbane resident and real estate agent.  She added this photo and we added a few other items we thought others might think important.

South City resident Jim Chazer added another thought  “With the amount it gets discussed on here, I can’t believe “street parking” isn’t one of your options.”

Phil Foresi Sr replied “Good point Jim, I went from West Orange to a Sign hill and while it took me a bit to get used to nobody coming by I now love it, can’t imagine ever moving back to a busy street with so so parking” so we are adding parking in front of your home as an item as well.


This is our revised list and we ask what are the most important items for you?


*Parking in front of your home
*Established neighborhoods with older homes/ mature trees?
*Community living/ ‘Transit Villages’
*Living in a community with people of all ages
*Privacy from neighbors
*Living in a place that feels away from it all
*Sidewalks to take walks



*Easy Hwy access
*Short commute to work
*Walking distance to schools & shops

Community Resources:

*High quality public schools
*A variety of good grocery stores, other stores
*Access to local medical care
*Local childcare
*Places of worship

We also came across another interesting article titled ’29 Things You Need To Know About San Mateo Before You Move There’ by Philip Preys via Movoto Real Estate which caused us to wonder what neighbors would see as ”29 Things You Need To Know About South San Francisco Before You Move There’ and we would like to make up  our own list. So please share your thoughts as you read what is considered worthy to know about SM.

’29 Things You Need To Know About San Mateo Before You Move There’

*1. Your Rent Will Be Expensive, Period
Somehow no matter how much money you’re making, you still feel like you’re paying an ungodly amount for your home. After all…

2. You’re Not In Kansas Anymore
San Mateo is just minutes from the headquarters for Google, Facebook, Oracle… maybe that’s why your rent is so high. I’m talking nearly $2,100 for a one-bedroom apartment high.

3. The Beach Is Less Than An Hour Away, But You Probably Won’t Get In The Water.
It will always be foggy in Half Moon Bay and Pacifica, so you’ll probably just end up enjoying the view instead.

4. All Your Shopping Needs Can Be Fulfilled At The Hillsdale Mall.
You can buy everything you need there from Christmas ornaments to skinny jeans, but you’ll probably end up going to Stanford or Tanforan instead anyway.

5. Downtown Is Your Go-To Destination For A Night Out.
Grab a cold one at Route 92 and then go embarrass yourself at O’Neill’s by belting out a little karaoke with your friends.

6. But You’ll Find Classy Entertainment Too
The Hillbarn Theatre just a few minutes away in Foster City always has a great show playing-you might even spot someone you know on stage!

7. You’ll Catch Bay Area Sports-Fan Fever Sooner Rather Than Later
People LOVE their teams and if the Giants, 49ers, A’s, Warriors, Raiders or Sharks are in the playoffs, you’ll hear about it. A lot. Trust me. Oh, and you’ll probably become a fan too.

8. There Will Be Lots Of Sunshine, Even In The Winters.
mean, it’s not called the Golden State for nothing right? We laugh at your blizzards.

9. The Original Mr. Pickles Is In San Mateo.
It may be a hole in the wall, but the sandwiches are still the best. The. Best.

10. Chances Are You’ll Take Caltrain To A Giants Game
Along with hundreds of other stoked fans. And it will be more fun than you could have ever expected. I wasn’t kidding about the fan fever.

11. You’ll Learn To Find the Best Highway At Rush Hour
Traffic on 101 can be a nightmare. You’ll soon figure out that 280 is much better to take whenever possible/convenient.

12. It Doesn’t Matter How Old You Are, Everyone Has Fun At The San Mateo County Fair.
It comes once a year and you will go, whether it’s for the funnel cakes or the Ferris Wheel.

13. You’ll Start Going To Lake Tahoe For Your Vacations
You can ski in the winter and swim in the summer at the ever-popular vacation spot for Bay Area residents. The lake will be freezing cold regardless of the season. You’ve been warned

14. The Public Library Is The Nicest One You Will Ever See.
This isn’t your mother’s library. It’s ranked third in the state and hosts Pulitzer-Prize winning authors.

15. You’re In The Middle Of Everything!
San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose are all about a half hour’s drive away. Even Los Angeles is only an hour away by plane!

16. Central Park Is A Great Place To Relax.
Go to the Japanese Tea Garden and find your Zen.

17. Tom Brady Is From San Mateo.
You will tell people about how he went to Serra High School, but trust me, they’ll already know.

18. There Are Four High Schools All Fighting To Get Your Money.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.. but hey, it won’t be hard for your kids to find the best fit for them.

19. The San Mateo Bridge Is Longer Than It Looks
That thing doesn’t look seven miles long, does it?

20. Seal Point Dog Park Is An Awesome Place To Take Your Best Friend.
And as a bonus you’ll get an unbeatable view of San Francisco! When it’s not foggy, that is.

21. CSM Is A Great Place To Take Some Extra Classes
Plus, get a load of that location. Good luck concentrating on anything. Go Bulldogs!

22. You’ll See San Mateo Daily Journal l Everywhere, And You’ll Read It All The Time.
San Mateo’s free local newspaper is how everyone gets their news. I’ve been reading it for years.

23. Along With Every Other Type Of Food Choice You Could Ever Want
Grab some Indian food at Curry Up Now or Cuban cuisine at Cha Cha Cha Cuba. Or Italian, Chinese, Japanese-you get the idea.

24. You Can See How The Other Half Lives In Hillsborough.
It’s San Mateo’s (super) wealthy neighbor. Drive through it and look at the houses in awe. Technically no one lives in this one, but who cares.

25. Outdoorsy Types Are In Heaven At Coyote Point.
A recreational park for the ages. Go there for fishing, hiking, and everything in between.

26. Walk Through The Swingin’ Door
San Mateo’s own English pub. Stop in for a pint and their world famous Fish & Chips.

27. Tee Off At Poplar Creek Golf Course
The 18 hole course offers a great place to hone your skills (assuming you have some to begin with)

28. Everyone Makes It To The Maker Faire.
A fun-filled event that comes to San Mateo every year. Known as the “greatest show and tell on Earth”, this event is an awesome experience for the whole family!

29. It’s Your Better Half
You’re in Northern California, the obviously superior part of the state. All the great food, technology, and big city culture without the flashy and fake feel of Southern California. Sorry guys, it’s true.


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