Childhood Memories Shared: South City is HOME

South San Francisco, CA       April 4, 2014

Often we have folks on our FB page share a memory or two and we just came across this one past tucked away under our RATINGS section. It was posted in January and represents the city so many of us grew up in and the memories are sweet enough to share.

Melissa Bellinger Seeking old grade school friends

I am in search of some old school friends who had attended Spruce Elementary back in ’87-’89. I use to leave at 456 commercial Ave. I can only remember their first names but hopefully my memories will joggle someone else’s memory as well..

Jessica is the first name that comes to my mind I have always been wondering about her and her well being, she was always real up beat and always carried herself w a confident attitude, but she was rather frail and very petite and always sick, she lived a crossed the street from the school and I remember always bringing her, her homework.

Then there was Jorge who was always well spoken and neat w his appearance, he was definitely the smartest boy out of my little crew.

And then there was my “body guard” Paco, not to sure if that was he real name or not, but he was the biggest (chunkiest) in our crew and was always looking out for me, we use to always make everyone laugh.

Then there was Lindsey she lived up on elm court. She was in brownies and I believe her mom was our scout leader. And I think she was in the spelling bee w me.

Which brings me to my very first best friend she too lived up on elm court as well. Her name is Rhea Olivera who’s family was from the Philippines, and her grandfather use to watch me after school. She had two older brothers who we would terrorize regularly as well as an older sister who I remember as being really pretty and rhea really looked up to, I remember going w their family to Santa Barbra to drop her sister off for college. We got to go to Disneyland afterwards. I remember after school everyday me and rhea use to watch nightmare on elm street’ part 2-5, as she would help me w my homework.

Then there was a boy everyone had a crush on names Adrian who was Hispanic he lived in the building next to mine, I remember one day all of us kids playing after school at the park behind the school and a good hand full of us were climbing the trees against the fence and Adrian fell out of one and the paramedics had to come and taking him away to the hospital, that had to be the first most scariest thing anyone of us had to experience. I remember all of us writing him a get well card and I brought it to him at his home.

I also remember having a crush on a boy named Justin a handsome blonde haired kid I think he had an older brother and maybe a little brother as well but not to sure though.. he lived somewhere closer to orange park possibly, again not to sure.

But most importantly I have been dire search of my most long lost bestest friend Theresa Chapman. She had a kid sister named Carrie Chapman and their cool mama Trish Chapman who would make me some bomb ass tacos. Trish remarried. Trish later remarried Steve Wood and moved to San Mateo.

And then there was my boy David Wood, my closest homie, he was like a kid brother to me, last I heard he had just had a little baby.

My teacher for 1st grade was Mrs Donahue and Mrs. Whiley was a second and third grade teacher, not to sure which grade she taught me though.. Mrs Donahue use to always wear a thimble or two on her hand, and Mrs Whiley was my most favorite teacher ever she was extremely old but was the sweetest little lady ever, and I believe she retired a yr or two after I left, and I was sadly informed that she past away a few yrs later due to some sort of cancer…

I DO HOPE EVERYONE IS DOING WELL, AND I DO LOOK FORWARD TO REUNITING W THEM ALL SOON. You all have always been deep in my thought and will always have a place in my heart.
Melissa B.


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