Roger Cain; Aerial photos of Northern Peninsula

South San Francisco, CA   April 22, 2014  

In July 2012 Everything South City was able to take flight with our local professional photographer ROGER CAIN. We flew out of Hayward Airport on a Cessna and took to the skies above Hayward heading towards Oakland before crossing the bay to San Francisco and the Peninsula. We followed this route until Hwy 92 and then crossed back to Hayward for our return.  More of Roger’s photos can be viewed on our website HERE and also on  Warbird Depot HERE.  We will be adding more of Roger’s local photos as time goes on.

Below enjoy some of the photos taken by Roger Cain.

East Grand Cessna Flight Brisbane_Cessna_Flight_Rog

SF Waterfront Roger Cain sf bldgs Roger Cain over city with bay view Roger Cain Cessna Flight Roger Cain ATT


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