SSFPD Media Release: Green Dot Scam

South San Francisco, CA     April 24, 2014     Submitted by SSFPDSSFPD logo

On 4/10/2014 and again on 4/18/2014, an unknown suspect contacted a resident on the 100 block of Longford Drive, in South San Francisco, via her residential telephone, in an attempt to defraud the  resident using a “Green Dot” scam. The suspect initially identified himself as Internal Revenue Service Agent and he asked the resident to transfer more than $1,000, via “Green Dot” payment cards, to pay a delinquent tax bill. The resident initially agreed to pay the money, but when she became informed of the scam, she did not complete the transaction. On 4/ 18/2014, the suspect again left a voice mail message at the victim’s residence identifying himself as an IRS Legal Representative and he requested the victim call him.

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