Amateur Radio Field Day – SSF welcomes the public June 28th SSFFD

South San Francisco, CA   June 13, 2014   Submitted by Joann Swanson SSFCERT/Amateur Radio

The South San Francisco Community Emergency Response Team (SSFCERT) and local Amateur Radio Operators will be participating in the largest FIELD DAY in North America  on June 28th during this annual event. They have invited the public to stop by and check things out between the hours of 1pm-4pm at the Fire Station on North Canal.

This national exercise, first held in 1993, brings over 30,000 amateur radio operators together across the U.S.  in a 24 hour period, as they work to reach as many other stations as possible. This is one of the major emergency response drills done nationwide giving the operators the opportunity  ‘to learn to operate in abnormal situations in less than optimal conditions’.  This drill is also held in other countries.

During an emergency we all know communications will be compromised and we will need to depend on these amateur radio operators to bridge between help and those needing help.  This is a great chance for our neighbors to see close up what other volunteers in our community are doing in preparation to help us all. Field Day Flyer 5-28-14

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