Baseball Without Borders 2014 Casino Night

South San Francisco, CA   June 11, 2014  Submitted by Juan Bustos BWB

My friends,

I want to ask for your participation in our 2014 Casino Night on Saturday, June 28th. This event will take place at the Santo Cristo Hall on Old Mission Road and Oak Ave in South San Francisco. The funds for this event will help BWB players make it to their destination for a once in a lifetime experience.

This year, our 13/14 BWB team will head to Rimini, Italy for tournament play. Because we were not able to find enough US BWB players for our Italy team, we have united with Barcelona, Spain to combine a team.

Yes, Spain players will play as the BWB “National.” This will be the first time in recent memory that BWB united with another foreign team to play. It is an amazing story, as a US team will unite with a Spanish team to play against Italians and other teams. Truly, a BWB dream come true

Our 18U team heads to Nicaragua and Costa Rica for exhibition play. Our Nicaragua team will be headed to Nicaragua to take on some tough Nicaraguan players and this year we are also scheduled to take on a Costa Rica team in Costa Rica.

But we need your support. Please come and give us your support.  We would love to see BWB alumni support our teams. If you can’t make it please consider sending a check to BWB for the price of 1 admission $30. Send check to P.O. Box 5139, SSF, CA. 94083 We know times are tough but remember, BWB has no paid staff and can surely use your help this year.

Juan Bustos, President 650-952-4058

Baseball Without Borders Foundation South San Francisco, CA. FB: Baseball Without Borders Foundation

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