Everything South City To ‘Reward’ Good News Makers

South San Francisco, CA   July 21, 2014

South City Folks Seek Good News: ESC agrees! Good News Month Award 7

Marvelous Monday: You like good news & so do we!     And to encourage more of it happening & talked about Everything South City will give a special gift to one deserving person a month.

Have a #GoodNews story to share – please send it! Winner will be announced July 31st! One person a month will be selected by ESC. So keep your eyes and ears open and report those doing good in our community!

*Currently in the running is the Safeway Clerk who went above and beyond: her customer just bought a prepaid card and was about to give out the PIN to someone on her cell phone when our clerk intervened and foiled that scam. (Story HERE)

*Who else do you nominate? Catch someone doing good and share here in comments or email us at EverythingSouthCity@gmail.com !


July Gift Awarded by:    7 Mile House Sports Bar & Grill  SUNDAY BRUNCH FOR TWO! 

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Reem Nasrah
Reem Nasrah
7 years ago

I would like to nominate my next door neighbor, James Rowland. Although he has passed I could not ask for a better neighbor, person, friend & mentor. I moved to SSF 17 years ago & if it wasn’t for him I would be lost! It happens once in a lifetime when you meet that amazing person that touches your spirit & James Rowland I know you are in heaven now but you have touched my spirit forever! May you rest in peace!

Ava Romero
7 years ago

i am going to nominate 2 very good people first to leah leonoard , my neighbor across the street because she called my mother and i to report the robbery suspect in our neighborhood, she felted scared, needed help, so we helped her out and i made a post about what happened on nextdoor west Winston manor 2 website.

but i made a minor error on the post, so this one goes to Cindy Alger calling my mom to find out what happened to the robbery suspect to learn more and she helped me delete the post and edited it a these 2 ladies are great in the neigborhood and they are both gifted people like me and my mom, they are not like my dad though my dad cares about business part, but not charitable stuff like we do as people. so i hope leah or Cindy is one of the choosen winners for the brunch contest

Ava Romero
7 years ago
Reply to  Ava Romero

forget about this post, i don’t think this should be published on facebook, will do a better one than that! just a mistake!