Kevin Mullin helping neighbors become pet owners

South San Francisco, CA   July 15, 2014 Pets101_E-Alert

In the five years of Everything South City’s existence, it seems our neighbors hold a few things very dear to them, especially their pets. When someone reports a lost or found pet our neighbors rally and rally hard to return pets to their owners. It is amazing to witness this connection to one another that we make through our furry four leggeds.

Most local pet owners consider their animals as part of their family and research studies bear the evidence that caring for one brings many benefits to the owners. In July of last year, Kathy Benjiman with the website Mental Floss, gave 10 reasons why dog ownership is a benefit: Get Sick Less, Resistance to Allergies,  Be Happier,  Better Heart Health, More Exercise, A More Active Social Life, Cancer Detection, A Reflection of Your Personality,  Lower Stress at Work, They do the cutest things. Cat ownership provides some of the same benefits.


That is why this is such a great outreach by Kevin Mullin, our South City resident and California State Assmbleyman. He will be hosting an event at the Peninsula Humane Society (1450 Rollins Rd Burlingame) on Wednesday July 30th to listen to your concerns about animal welfare and safety. Kevin will also cover the costs of a pet you may want to adopt, using his own personal monies.


Join Kevin Mullin Wed 7/30 to talk about animal welfare & safety at the Peninsula Humane Society

Join Kevin Mullin Wed 7/30 to talk about animal welfare & safety at the Peninsula Humane Society


From Kevin:

Please join the Peninsula Humane Society and me for Pets 101!

Come tour the new Peninsula Humane Society Center for Compassion, see a dog agility demo starring rescue dog, Enzo, learn where to find low-cost vet services, and much more. Refreshments will be served.


Adoptable animals are available, and I will cover the cost (not paid for at taxpayer expense) for any animal adopted by attendees. If you are unable to attend, but are interested in adopting, contact my district office at the number below for a Free Pet Adoption Coupon.



Wednesday, July 30, 2014
7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
(Program begins at 7:15 p.m.)

Peninsula Humane Society
1450 Rollins Road
Burlingame, CA 94010

As the legislative year wraps up in August, we will be considering bills pertaining to animal welfare and safety. As always, I welcome your thoughts and concerns on these and any other legislative matters of interest to you. For more information, contact my District Office at (650) 349-2200, or visit my event page.

CLICK HERE to RSVP to this event


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