Pancake Breakfast and Plant Sale August 3rd in Brisbane

South San Francisco, CA  July 18, 2014

The outdoor pancake breakfast is the Best!

The outdoor pancake breakfast is the Best!

Get a wonderful taste of the outdoors at this annual event hosted by San Bruno Mountain Watch Conservatory at their Mission Blue Nursery. Aromas of campfire and pancakes float through the air along with laughter and happy chatter from neighbors meeting up.  ‘Those pancakes are the best!’ exclaims Andy Howse, founder of Open the SF Watershed.  SBMW Executive Director Ken McIntire smiles with a twinkle in this eyes, ‘Yep, our very own special recipe with fresh local  Blueberries’ he says enticing us all to take part in this great event. $10 adults, $5 kids

Be sure to stop by and talk with the folks sharing information on the ongoing efforts to preserve ALL of  Sign Hill, as well as those working to see the 23,000 public acres within the SF Watershed open to responsible public use.

mission blue nursery 2

The Mission Blue Nursery is located in Brisbane behind the Fire Dept

Great variety of drought tolerant native plants for sale!

Great variety of drought tolerant native plants for sale!



Come for the breakfast and stay to check out the great plants that are tended by local volunteers and are offered up for sale. These wonderful drought tolerant plants are perfect for any garden and plenty of beautiful varieties to select from. Bring your own carry out boxes, payment by check, cash, credit card.  For directions CLICK HERE





About the Mission Blue Nursery:

Working with community volunteers and school groups, our primary objective is to grow locally adapted, California native plants for our habitat restoration projects on San Bruno Mountain and for native gardens in the Bay Area. We only grow plants that are native to, and adapted to, San Bruno Mountain and the northern San Francisco Peninsula. At the same time we are providing educational opportunities for volunteers to learn about the propagation and care of these native plants, their uses and their significance to the local ecosystems.

The nursery plays a unique role in our Stewardship Volunteer Programs, which provide the opportunity for volunteers to engage in the full circle of restoration on the mountain – from site preparation, plant propagation, to outplanting and site follow-up maintenance.

Mission Blue Nursery is currently growing plants for the following projects:

Bog Trail restoration
Owl & Buckeye Canyon restoration

The nursery is managed by San Bruno Mountain Watch’s Stewardship Director, Joe Cannon, and Nursery Manager, Lawrence Fernandez. The Mission Blue Nursery is located in Brisbane (map and directions).

In addition to plant sales where the public is welcome, the nursery is open by appointment on Thursdays-Saturdays with a $100 minimum order. Call the SBMW office at 415-467-6631 for your appointment.

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