My experience with the Citizen’s Police Academy – by Kalani

South San Francisco, CA      August 22, 2014     Q & A with Kalani

SSFPD Academy 2014 edit

Recent graduates of the SSFPD Citizen’s Academy Fall 2014

The South San Francisco  Citizen’s Police Academy is a 12 week FREE course offered to those who live or work in our city.  This past Spring Class (March-June) filled quickly and was lead by Corporal Sean Curmi.  Many residents also know  CPL Curmi  and his family as neighbors.  The Fall class will once again find CPL Curmi as the instructor and we expect another full turnout.

With concerns across our country that our police departments are becoming militarized there has been a renewed interest in understanding exactly what our departments are up to and why. This opportunity to meet with a good many of our officers and learn first hand what our local cops do on a regular shift is an eye opener for many.  While the classes are very informational they are also fun and interactive. Another plus is meeting more great neighbors from around our city.

Classes start on time at 6:30 with attendees taking turns bringing in refreshments which is great if you are just getting off of work and need a bite to eat.  Class ends at, or a bit before, 9pm allowing plenty of time for home responsibilities.

Course outline includes: *Introduction & Station Tour *Hiring Process & Internal Affairs, Investigations/FTO *Identity Theft *Narcotic Enforcement *Use of Force  * Dispatch, Gangs & Juveniles *K-9 Demo *High Risk Traffic Stops *Street Survival/ SWAT  *Pistol Range (YES! You get to actually go to the PD range and practice target shooting!) *Tour the San Mateo County Jail *In addition graduates are invited to ‘RIDE ALONG’ with one of our officers during a shift of their choice – day, swing or night. This additional benefit of the Ride Along brings all of the information given in a classroom setting into real life situations.

One of the recent Spring class graduates, Kalani, agreed to a question and answer interview with Everything South City to share his experience with others. Below is what he had to say and his last paragraph really sums it up! Sign up NOW!


Why did you take this course?

I first found out about the course through Everything South City.  I read the course descriptions and immediately wanted to sign up.  I’ve always wanted to be either a firefighter or a cop so this was a good opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes.

What was your favorite class?

I can’t pick just one, so here’s a list of a bunch of my favorites: High-risk Traffic Stops, the K-9’s, the RWC Jail Tour, and last but not least the Ride Along at the end of the academy.  And my wife and I weren’t even in town for the SWAT and Shooting Range classes, which I heard was two of the best ones!

Did you do a ride a long ?

Yes.  Although the officer that I was riding with said it was a “slow night” I still got to see some action!  Without giving too many details, the calls that we answered ranged from busting a stalker on Hillside to being first on the scene of a car crash at Miller & Airport.  The ride along lasts for 4 hours.  You get to choose which time slot you want so we chose the most active shift: 9pm-1am on a Friday.  If you prefer a less risky ride along you can opt for a day shift too.

In what ways did this course change the way you view our Police Department?

As a Navy brat myself, I’ve always had a great respect for men & women in uniform (military, firefighters and police officers etc) who are willing to put their lives on the line for others.  The academy definitely reinforced this respect because it shows that SSFPD believes in being transparent with the community and wants to form a strong relationship between officers and civilians by exposing everything that happens behind closed doors.

What is your ‘take away’, if you could sum up the benefit of taking this, what would you say?

South City is definitely blessed to have this program available for its residents so you should take advantage of it.  If you’re just curious about what cops do all day (believe me, it’s not what you think) or if you’re contemplating a career change but want to know what to expect first then this is the class for you.  It’s FREEAll you have to do is sign-upWhy are you still reading this? Go sign-up.  Now.  (Application download HERE)


For additional information can be found on Everything South City Click HERE

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Nalani Cantley
Nalani Cantley
8 years ago

I also took part in the most recent Citizen’s Police Academy. All the classes were very interesting and educational. I recommend everyone attend an academy to be better informed on how things work within the police department.