Prison Sentence of 15 Years for Drunk Driving Deaths In Colma

South San Francisco, CA    August 7, 2014  From Everything South City Facebook Page

Jonathan Jade Mouton

Paul Diaz was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison for the drunk driving deaths of his three friends; RIP Rosa Maria Falla, Jonathan Jade Mouton, and Ruvin Abel Vasquez.









Sometimes there is no justice. There is no resolution. There is nothing that can make right what wrongs have happened.


Yet today the courts have sentenced Daly City’s Paul Diaz to 15 years of prison for the horrific drunk driving accident that took the lives of his 3 friends back in May 2013.

Rest in peace Rosa Maria Falla, Jonathan Jade Mouton, and Ruvin Abel Vasquez. Tragic and senseless unless we remember them. Honor them.

On May 27, 2013 Diaz crashed his Mustang into another car and then into a retaining wall on Hillside Blvd, up there next to the Cemeteries. He lived, his friends who were passengers, died.

It’s senseless. It’s empty. There is nothing that can bring them back or change the lives of anyone that was touched….. but maybe we can take this tragedy as an example, a reminder.

Drunk driving is something we just cannot tolerate. Do not drive if you are drinking. Do not drive with those who have been drinking.

And the problem sometimes is, we don’t know if we’ve had too much to drink AFTER we’ve been drinking. Our decision making abilities are impaired.

So in honor of those who die needlessly every day – designate a sober & responsible driver BEFORE you go out.

Do it for Rosa.

For Jonathan.

For Ruvin.

For their families.

And yes, for Paul.


This didn’t have to happen and we can prevent the next tragedy.

Make the pledge now to designate before you go out.


Everything South City had information on this tragedy soon after it happened with neighbors posting on our FACEBOOK page with updates. To see more on that CLICK HERE


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