South City’s Dana Toney Representing in Miss Plus USA pageant

South San Francisco, CA   August 9, 2014  Submitted by Dana Marie Toney

“Helping young girls learn to love themselves in the now and not after they lose those 5 pounds.” –Miss Golden State Plus USA

Dana Toney, Miss Golden State Plus USA 2014

Dana Toney, Miss Golden State Plus USA 2014

Hi my name is Dana Marie Toney; I’m a bright, fun loving 22 year old from South San Francisco, a true born and raised South San Franciscan.


I’m writing you today because I have been chosen to represent the great state of California as Miss Golden State Plus USA in the Miss Plus USA pageant this August. I know what it feels like to standout in a room and not for all the right reasons. I grew up in what I feel is a small town; the people I went to preschool with, I graduated from high school with. Some may see that as a blessing and some days I do, but often in small towns everyone has a label and mine has always been the fat girl.


"Helping young girls learn to love themselves in the now and not after they those 5 pounds." Miss Golden State Plus USA

Helping young girls learn to love themselves in the now and not after they those 5 pounds.” Miss Golden State Plus USA

To set myself apart from others, I poured myself into Girl Scouts and Dance both for over 15 years. While a girl, my troop was the first troop in South City to earn their bronze award which required us to put on a talent show for the community, along with my bronze award, I’ve won leadership awards, cadet and senior girl scout of the year, and the second highest award a girl can earn which was my silver award. Girl Scouts helped me overcome many situations, taught me how to adapt, but most important guided me on becoming who I am today, which is why I’m still actively involved now.


Along with Girl Scouts, dance has been a major influence on my life. I have danced with the Alma De Mexico SSF for over 15 years. I started as a young girl with SSF Park and Rec and continued the program when I went to South San Francisco High School where I began to get more involved and eventually took over as president for 3 years. As president, I organized many performances and fundraising events that turned the program into a super success with the help of my two amazing teachers.


Dana has danced with Ballet Folklorico for over 15 years

I am a product of my community and I want to make sure that when people think of South City they think of all the amazing things that we do and achieved. By visiting and liking my official Facebook fan page “Golden State Plus USA” you will be able to see all the amazing things that my Queen Sisters and I get to do! It is going to be amazing!


I leave this Sunday (August 10) and I am so close to reaching my goal of a $3000.00! I know it seems that every day there is a letter asking for your help or donations, but this is an opportunity that most girls wouldn’t dream about! Every dollar raised is one step closer to accomplishing my dream. I have setup up an online fundraising account, where you can directly donate to my cause. Thank you so much for your time, love and support!

Love Always,


Dana Marie Toney, Miss Golden State Plus USA 2014


For info about donations and sponsorship please email:

Donations can be made at

For more information about Miss Plus USA visit

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6 years ago

Hello Dana Marie Toney. I hope you had a great time at your competition. I just wanted to say hi, let you I was just thinking about you. I am the flight attendant who was working the first class cabin on your flight from San Francisco to Seattle earlier in the month. I greatly appreciated your warmth and smile. I wish you all my best in what ever road you choose. Best regards and warmest wishes, Johnross