Autism Cooks Chef Creating 4th Cookbook; Circle of Friends

South San Francisco, CA   September 22, 2014

Chef Ava Marie won 1st place this weekend at the Pacifica Sharp Park Contest

Chef Ava Marie

Circle of Friends Cookbook is a labor of love being created by our local Chef. Portion of her proceeds for her 4th cookbook will be donated to Chef Ava’s Via Services to fund programs for children and adults with special needs.


Recipes are still needed to complete this book so please send your recipes to or mail to Ava Romero 141 Dundee drive south san Francisco California 94080. You can also follow her Facebook page HERE


Chef Ava has spent the past 2 years collecting 155 recipes from ‘all sorts of friends, my family, my close friends, my community groups west Winston Manor, Park and Rec, Via West, Draeger’s Cooking School, Busy Baker Suppies, CVS Daly City, South City Grocery Outlet, Pak n Save, Off the Grid Food Trucks, etc’ Chef Ava writes. ‘I need to reach the goal of 400 recipes and the deadline is December 30, but the sooner the better.’


To learn more about our local chef, visit her blog Autism Cooks

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