City Wide Garage Sale Addresses & Resources

South San Francisco, CA   September 12, 2014

SSF City Wide Garage Sale SATURDAY SEPT 13th

SSF City Wide Garage Sale

Saturday September 13th is the City Wide Garage Sale and below is a list of addresses that will be participating. This is not a complete list. If you happen by an interesting sale please feel free to share here under comments on our FB page.  Remember to have  cash  you, especially $1 & $5 bills.  Also please note the ** next to the addresses below indicate those who shared information directly with us – we thank you for hooking our neighbors up!

If you are hosting a sale please see below for some additional resources on what to do with left over items as well as safety tips to remember during the day. To buyers and sellers alike – Enjoy!

Avalon Area

**326 Valencia Drive at Ponderosa

**400 Valverde at Granada

445 Alhambra Road

202 Alta Vista Dr

51 Waverly Court


Buri Buri/ Highlands Area

**112 Del Monte Ave

**206 Verano Dr

314 Camaritas Ave x street Clara Ave

125 camaritas ave

220 Cuesta Drive

Lomitas at cuesta

Alta Mesa Drive at Cuesta

113 Verano dr


Sunshine Gardens

**20 Villa Court

Block of Sunnyside

318 Forest View


Mayfair Village

So. Magnolia at Mayfair

124 Fir Ave

120 Sycamore Ave


Francisco Terrace

**19 Wilms Ave
**110 Toyon Ave


Old Town Sign Hill Area

**637 commercial

**610 Miller Avenue

**701 Cottonwood Avenue @ Orange Ave

Almond Ave. at Orange Ave

So Magnolia Ave

112 Magnolia Av

1289 Miller Ave

Magnolia at Miller

519 Palm

739 Park Way



Old Town/ Paradise Valley

100 Arden Ave – Church

55 Linden Ave



2226 Barrington Ct off Gellert



Do not host a sale on your own – always have a 2nd (or 3rd) person with you

Be sure your area is free of anything that could cause a person to trip or fall (garden hoses, oil, etc)

Be kid friendly and smart – breakable or dangerous items should be kept away from little hands

Know what prices you want for items so you are not caught off guard

Keep your cash on you or assign someone to man the sales box

Empty your cash box every now and then inside your home

Do not count your cash in front of others

Do not let ANYONE in your home that you do not know – for ANY reason

Keep your front door and back doors LOCKED

If you have a bad feeling about someone or something call 911 if you feel threatened in anyway

Do NOT give out personal information to those you do not know such as who might be home at what hours or information about your neighbors

Remember there can be people casing out homes during this time. Be smart, protect yourself, your home and your neighborhood

South City is a great community and we have amazing neighbors and it is sad we live in a time that we cannot trust everyone who comes our way. Always err on the side of caution. We have witnessed a large increase in scams and schemes locally, regionally and nationally. This is a good opportunity to discuss these issues with neighbors so everyone can keep a look out for unusual activity. Please also share the word about the upcoming Senior Scam Stopped Seminar FREE Sept 29 at the MSB More info CLICK HERE Extra points for neighbors who print out this flyer to give to those who stop by!


What To Do With Left Over  Items


ST. Vincent de Paul

Daly City & South San Francisco Store Hours
Monday thru Saturday
9 am – 7 pm
10 am – 6 pm

San Bruno, San Mateo & Redwood City Store Hours Monday thru Saturday
10 am – 8 pm
10 am – 6 pm

Donation Pick-Up 650.871.6844 Monday thru Friday
9 am – 5 pm
9 am – 4 pm

Drop-Off Donation Hours Everyday
10 am – 5 pm


Salvation Army Family Store and Donation Trailer

1170 Mission Rd SSF Accepts Automotive
Ph: 650 873-3006


225 Kenwood (Brentwood Shopping Center) Accepts Electronics

Ph 650/737.9827





Schedule a Donation Pickup Online Here or Call:

(650) 312-0725 · Toll-free: 1 (877) 997-2722




Books in “Like New” Condition

South San Francisco Main Library              840 West Orange Ave.        (650) 829-3860

South San Francisco Grand Avenue Library306 Walnut Ave.                (650) 877-8530




On Call Clean Up Program for single-family dwellings:

Every 12 months, residents of single-family dwellings can schedule two free clean-ups. It’s a great opportunity to get rid of a large bulky item and several bags of garbage. Once you schedule your clean up, we’ll come by on your regularly scheduled garbage collection day and pick up:

12 bags of garbage OR
6 bags of garbage and ONE large item-sofa, mattress, appliance, etc.

Please note that special handling fees will apply to televisions, computer monitors, and other electronics. Already used your two free clean ups? Click here to schedule a paid pickup.

Ready to start? Call us at 650.589.4020.

Clean Up Day Tips:

  • Let us know how many bags of garbage and which bulky items you’ll be putting out at the curb.
  • No loose garbage will be collected. Put in bags or boxes.
  • All branches or carpet rolls must be tied and no longer than 4 feet.
  • Please recycle yard waste and other recyclables on your collection day.
  • Is your item still usable? Don’t toss it- donate it! Visit or call 1.888.442.2666

For those who live in multi- family residents (condos, apts) can call the Scavengers for more information 650.589.4020.






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