Off The Wall: This, That and the Other (Sept 26 2014)

South San Francisco, CA   September 26, 2014

Off The Wall is a collection of information from our Facebook page

**A great reminder from a South City neighbor and could mean just about anywhere! Thank you!
‘ A reminder to my neighbors in Winston Manor, the park in Elkwood/Duval Drive is not just for your dogs. Kids also play & run on the grass but if you’re not picking up after your dog…tsktsk.’

Christine Becker Agree

Melanie Kreitz And everywhere else

William Shon II Yes it’s unacceptable and disgusting.

Jose Chavez Thank you! The dog sh*t is out of control. If you own a dog, you’re an a$$hole. Walk your dog in circles on your own lawn and let them sh*t repeatedly on it, please.

Rebecca Henry If you own a dog you’re an asshole??? I don’t think so. You are an asshole if you don’t pick up your dog’s waste, but nobody is an asshole for owning a dog. Get it right.

Crystal WolfLady Since SSF banned plastic bags its been a bit harder to find plastic bags except in the few places they have them Across from SSFBART and Centennial way…I have everyone saving plastic bags for me And yes if you don’t pick up after your dog you are a ahole. But the city could have garbage cans or bags around. There aren’t any garbage cans anywhere… except at parks. Some of you anti-dog people need to chill out!

Kamala Silva Wolfe Dog poop bags can be bought at Safeway and once filled should be disposed of by the dog owners. The same as any garbage anyone of us may have. If I go to the park I don’t leave my litter around for others, nor should dog owners. Easier to chill if you aren’t on keen alert for dog poop all over. Perhaps a dog owner group can address this, as they do in other areas (providing bags & pick up, etc)

Nancy Ores Could not agree more! I always tie pick-up bags to my dog’s leash. Please be a responsible dog owner!

Judy Gutierrez We used to get dog poop in bags tossed in our bushes! Just rude!!

Crystal WolfLady The City COULD put little garbage cans on telephone poles for dog poop only big enough for that and not HOUSEHOLD TRASH but will they? If you have a issue you might go to the city council meeting and suggest it. I believe it is supposed to be a law to pick up after your dog. Most responsible people do. But where to put after you pick up?

Kamala Silva Wolfe You dispose of it the same way you’d dispose of other garbage you might bring into a park –

Jose Chavez Bring back the plastic bags at Target !

Debi Hdz’Horny After u pick it up put it in your own trash as you would if your own dog uses the back yard. Don’t need plastic bags, they have plenty of small eco bags for picking up, Safeway etc.

Debi Hdz’Horny Our family has been in this track since the 50’s and it is only now that anything that is put in the park for convenience is ruined by the teenagers tagging, breaking fixtures, hanging on the Basketball hoop and their parents do nothing to stop them. We had a bathroom, celebrations for every holiday and a lot of games up at that park for decades and then came a generation of destroyers. It’s sad to see how it was then and now.


Debi Hdz’Horny Can’t stand those neighbors who walk their dogs and let them s*it on only the green lawns and don’t even scoop their poop. Shame on you people, when I see you letting your dog s**t on my lawn, I’ll wait, follow them and throw it on their property! :$

Sally Johnson Why can’t dog owners go to the pet stores an buy those bags they have??? Or save the bags you put your veggies in .

Jose Chavez I’ll join you, Debi ! Throw the poop back on the poopers’ owner’s lawn !



Bugs & more bugs thanks to the rain perhaps….

Hmmm, little help please- Beverly Buhain Cruz just posted this curious situation – anyone else experiencing it?
‘Driving from SSF to DC just now and I kept driving into swarms of bugs! Up Avalon and Junipero Serra. Couldn’t get a good view – tons of mosquito’s maybe?’

Alan Lopez It’s simple. It’s the first sign of the biblical apocalypse

Michael Jaurigui I noticed this as well when I was running on the Centennial trail.

Brandi Magner My yard also black flying bugs. Mine aren’t mosquitoes no stinger

Stefany Ascencio My yard is also full of them I just posted a video on my page

Michael Jaurigui If anyone is able to catch a few we can Identify thus insect. My office is located at 182 School Street in Daly City. My company is Alert Pest control. We are all SSF residents

Keri Stark I thought I saw a small swarm of skinny flies too.. rain must a hatched them. Hope it isn’t mosquitos..yuck!

Stefany Ascencio They try to attack my mom but she ran back into the house it’s scary hope they ain’t Mosquitos

Lance LaRocca R they locusts? ?

Rose Rudometkin Could be flying termites. Happens with the first rain in a lot of areas. Keep house windows closed.

Nichole Cazares @michaeljaurigui They have wings but are shedding them.

Rose Rudometkin Flying termites

Michael Jaurigui Oh and it’s free to identify insects that are brought to our office.

Marilyn Dollar-Basques Termites

Matela Benpana Just hiked Sign Hill. Same thing – lots of bugs.

Tino Ryan Martino Termites

Michael Jaurigui Looks like subterranean termite swarmers.

termite bugs after rain

Photo Nichole Cazares

Nichole Cazares

Antonio Xavier Gomez Winged black termites . We get a reddish orange ones here in the hillz

Victoria Neri-Chin I saw some of those a my house last week. Im in Buri Buri

Janet A Davis Flying ants lol

Krysten Nolasco Gross

Janet A Davis Seriously wasn’t that the area they sprayed a few weeks ago for the West Nile over off of Clay ? Could it be the eggs of the mosquito

Bertha Morales Im sww a lot on the tree of san bruno next to best buy store one of them was jumping to sweeter ummmmmmmm

Barbara Ann Hager Those dang things fly thru my back yard in clouds from my hill after every good rain..When i used to have monthly Orkin service at my house they were identified as flying ants. The way to tell: flying ants have a pinched waist & unequal wing lengths, termites have straight bodies (no segments) and their wings are equal. You can find comparison photos on various bug sites.

Denise Libunao Isaiah Ortiz oh no we kept our windows open

Lowell Jimmy Always happens after first raintermite vs flying ant

Barbara Ann Hager Here’s a graphic…If you’re not too grossed out to pick one up with tweezers & look at it. lol


Nicol Montano Saw those before and birds swooping through them eating them up. They also followed ant trails.

Carol Worswick Mazza When I was walking my dogs in the Buri Buri neighborhood on Clara there was nats in the middle of the street. Just little swarms of them.

Teena Rodriguez We got these nasty things in Colma too!

Cathy Twochisncat Mugginess bring the flies out.

Chris Cervaño May I saw a lot in Palo Alto. It has to do with the rain. It brings them out and moisture ruin their habitat since it hasn’t rain in awhile. We get those a lot in Florida after a good rain.

Nancy Ramirez Termites

Mary Miranda Its Termites! Its normal they come out after first rainy day.

Fanny Seto Camota I saw one at the park by the Grand Ave library.

Davina Urrutia AnDrea Lim Irwin wtf

Lane Smith We had some on Daly City with long wings, not Mosquitos though.

Aly Chan So is someone going to contact vektor control?

Wendy Kerbs-Keach Termite swarming

Barbara Ann Hager Aly..there’s no reason to call Vektor, really….whether they’re flying ants, or swarming termites-bugs live all around us & it’s pretty normal for bugs, worms, etc to escape rain saturated ground. These things fly all around after every first rain for as long as i can recall.

Aly Chan Barbara : I just want my house secure! Lmfao im scared

Barbara Ann Hager close your windows! lol and anyway, this was all in the morning…no more bug clouds right now.

Alan Lopez REPENT ALL UR SINS. ITS THE END OF humanity lol

Aly Chan Lmfao Alan

Flor Flores M How can I prevent them from attacking my house???

Flor Flores M If they were termites??

Jennifer Equality Schwartz Termite swarms. They live in the dirt.


Photo Chris Ruiz

Photo Chris Ruiz

Chris Ruiz also has an insect question – anyone have an answer? Perhaps our local neighbor Michael Jaurigui with Alert Pest Control might have an idea….
‘Does anyone know what kind of spider this is? Never seen one like this around here’

Laura Michaelis looks like one we killed last month in the back porch. Nasty thing

Aiz Alignay I would die Junior Corea

Jessica Massoni It’s a nope! spider.

Bill’s Lock Shop We’re out of here!

Debi Hdz’Horny what’s a nope spider?

JoAnn Willis Way back when we called them Silverback Spiders. They usually floated around on their webs during the fall looking for a landing spot for food.

Keri Stark Horrible and disgusting. ..what nightmares are made of!

Janel M Chrestenson Let’s just hope it doesn’t resurrect the ants…

David Valencia I call it the Giants Wild Card Celebration spider.

John Kevranian…/house-and-garden…

Danny Herrera Wiz spider

David Richoux Most spiders are great – they really cut down on the flies and mosquitoes and other pest bugs. Only a very few are poisonous to humans.

Erik Alvarez A big ass one, is what I’d call it

Randy Quok Wolf Spider?

Serina Lewis I would die if I saw this

Sharon Kay Gustilo Meyer I know what kind of spider this is!! A scary *** one!! Lol this is why I sleep with a can of Raid next to my bed lol

Kim Hawkins-Lerch Tarantula

Nanci Brignoli Nagel Oh hell nooooooooo!!!!

Photo Michelle Shelli Gonzales

Photo Michelle Shelli Gonzales

Matt Stone It’s a not smashed spider, kill that thing

Angelina Robinson I’d freak! That’s not a spider, that’s a monster!

Noel Oliva Sauté spider! Yummy!!

Anthony Granados #bigassspider

Ryan Ashizawa I believe it’s a nope spider

Jason Sivell least thats what it looks like

Carmen Arellano Armando Arellano

Carla Barbetti Tranchula?

Christine Baker

Michael Jaurigui Not a common one. Doing some research

Keith Bokelund

Anne Pabalate Chrissy Kathie I guess we can find these spiders in our neck of the woods. I don’t think I have a slipper strong enough to kill this spider!

Photo Keith Bokelund

Photo Keith Bokelund

Nick Grbac What do you call it? Anything it wants.

Doris Burton It’s a ugly spider that’s what it is. ICK

Stacy Beversdorf Ramirez RUN!!!’

Amber Nicole My son said possibly a zebra wolf spider…?

Janina Pulido OMG KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!

Maricella Marcie Escobar Uriarte I now live in Arizona and this definitely looks like a brown recluse spider

Chrissy R Mastrile Anne, eff that! I’m buying a blow torch tomorrow. You need one?

Andrea ‘Andi’ Brusuelas did you see this?!? YUCK! Hope it doesn’t come and visit us!?!

John Quartieri Low risk if bitten…


Support our local young Musicians at our El Camino High School, FREE EVENT!
This Friday, September 26th is the Meet the ECHS Music Department and Open House. We will have games/prizes, concessions and photo booth. There will also be a FREE admission Concert. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th 2014 6:30 PM Come out and support the Music Program! Please bring your friends & family! We hope to see you there!
*They are having this fundraiser due to not being able to hold a Car Wash because of the drought we are having.


Thanks to Mike Pizzo for the update on our Soccer Team, tough loss on the first of the season but we look forward to some great games & wins in the very near future.
‘SSFAC opens season with a loss. South San Francisco A.C. stumbled out of the gate on Sunday dropping a 5-0 contest to San Mateo Dinamo on the opening day of the Peninsula Soccer League season. It was South City’s first loss on opening day in 3 years. The team hopes to rebound from this match next Sunday when they meet Palo Alto SC at San Mateo High School with kickoff set for 10am. For full match details, please visit our web site at

**sf jobs

Come meet representatives from The City and County of San Francisco at the City College of San Francisco’s Job Fair on Oct. 1st, 2014 at 1125 Valencia St. at 22nd St. from 1 pm to 4 pm. Dress for success and bring a resume









Buon Gusto bar


Question came in: What is your favorite dish that you’d suggest others to order at Ristorante Buon Gusto?


Nick Delorio can’t go wrong with anything at that place. It’s ALL excellent.

Ray Bartolo Not a bad place but Bertolucci’s is better.

Laura Servetti-Lewis My favorite restaurant

RoxThefox Sciarra Theyre good but I preferr Di Napolis myself.

Courtney Tetreault fettucine alfredo or the canneloni

Erik Alvarez I love how people don’t answer the question at hand. Thanks for playing folks. I had the calamari and the veal parmigiana. Pretty good food.

Dolores Borg Reinke Filet with prawns!! But it’s gotten way to expensive and the portions are smaller since Carmelo sold his share to the accountant.

Melanie Kreitz Gnocchi!

Pati Dentice Grossman Gnocchi for me too!!

Lena Cerda I like lamb – its special on fridays they dont have it all the time. And Calamaries of course !

Karen Johanson Gnocchi with pesto, definitely. It is also one of the few Italian restaurants in the area that serves zabigione (sp?) for dessert. Yum!

Eric Beltrame Calamari fritti

Kamala Silva Wolfe Vincenzo’s Filet de Sole Meniere is the best, very light and tasty.

Aki Mori Linguine with clams!!

Tess Brooks Gnocchi with pesto!

Erik Alvarez It’s good to see answers to the question.

Anthony De La Cruz Yup! Linguine with clams! Keeps us coming back.

Amanda Kesner-Hays Gnocchi with pesto!

Beth Bolick Pesto Gnocchi for sure

Gina Karas Calamari steak!

Margaret De La Cruz Definitely….linguine & clams!!! Yum!!!

Monique Melaver-Gonzalez Linguini Frutti di Mare;)

Myla Jessica La Rocca Chicken Ortolana & tiramisu!


'They were in SF the other day' Photo: Aaron Grgich T

‘They were in SF the other day’
Photo: Aaron Grgich T

The recent sightings of our 3 Mules and this following comment on our website, makes this a good time to share our article & Roger Cain’s photos of the 3 Mules & John Sears. Read more about the 3 Mules CLICK HERE

‘Today, a co-worker came running into our office at the SuccessFactors tower on the corner of Sisters Cities Boulevard and Airport, just off 101 at Oyster Point Boulevard in South San Francisco. “Did you see them?” He exclaimed.

“Where are the binoculars?”

He ran back and forth in front of the 10th floor windows, not satisfied until he had us all up on our feet looking down at the surprise of a man and his mules in a city setting. Thanks for posting this story last year so that we could know about John Sears and his mules in South San Francisco.’
-Joanne Carey
3 mule pen prog with John Kevranian

Quentin Todd You’ve never been in a podunk and seen a saddled donkey tied up outside of a Buttercup diner have you?

Judy DeLuca I saw him with his mules on Monday next to my office in San Francisco.


Kim Axiak I sawthem in the trees along Bayshore in Brisbane. Brighten my day!!

Stephanie Miller I saw him the other day and he only had two mules.




Little help please: Kimberly Diaz posted:
Last night at about 7:30, we had a man knocking on our door. We didn’t open the door and told him we weren’t interested. He continued to knock…. has anyone else had this happen? We are over on Alida. thx

Danny Herrera process server?

Lowell Jimmy A deaf guy???

JoAnn Willis Doesn’t happen when you have a dog barking behind the door. The person leaaves immediately.

Sharon Albera Call the Police.

Antonio Xavier Gomez Call the poli….. Damn it . Sharon beat me to it.

Jerome Alston I live on Alida too. There were kids selling something for school yesterday.

Jorge Junior Paranoid much?

Stacy Beversdorf Ramirez That’s how home invasions happen. So no, not paranoid.

Jorge Junior you can’t live your life being scared. You know the odds of a random home invasion? almost same as getting hit by lightning

Matt Ghiglieri I just learned of 5 or 6 robberies that have recently happened in my old neighborhood of West Winston Manor (where my family lives). There was a meeting with the community last night at SSFPD to discuss it. Not cool at all… And I’d assume most of those victims were not hit by lightning. Better safe than sorry.

Jorge Junior are we talking about robberies or home invasions? because those are two different things.

Edwin Grijalva Door to door sales person maybe?

Chris Cervaño May Tell the guy the police is on their way and if he’s not gone he’ll be going to jail.


Mountain Mischief off of Hillside & Chestnut on SBM

Mountain Mischief off of Hillside & Chestnut on SBM

Over 120 of our ESC FB community agreed with Jessica Nava

This is awesome!

Ellen Einarsson This peace sign is right above Gary’s rock. Someone Gary knows painted the peace sign.


Angie Granera Mmmm…it’s been there for a while…

Everything South City re-painted recently

Marisa Heather Dunne It’s great to see the peace sign again. I remember it was on that rock for years in the 70s.

Jeannette Yesitsnineletters it’s always made me happy to see that peace sign

Wendy Kerbs-Keach that has been Peace Rock since the 60’s….. glad that it have finally been restored to it’s proper namesake.

Diane Johnson Wow same many years



Update on our own SSF School Board Campaign:
Patrick Lucy now has his FB pg up and can be found here
Patrick Lucy for SSF Unified School District 2014
In addition the following candidates have updates on their pages and we encourage neighbors to LIKE all the candidate pages and follow them. And VOTE in November!
John Baker for South San Francisco School Board
Pat Murray for SSF School Board 2014
Rosa Acosta for South San Francisco School Board
Rick Ochsenhirt for South San Francisco School Board
“Public education is not for the benefit of students nor is it for the benefit of parents. Public education exists for the benefit of social order.” – Rick Ochsenhirt




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