Rosa Acosta for SSFUSD Board of Trustees Q&A

South San Francisco, CA   September 8, 2014 
Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta

Everything South City would like to extend our thanks to Rosa Acosta as she shares more information on why she is running for School Board and what she would bring to the table if elected.   There are 3 open seats on the School Board. Please remember to vote in this November election.


Everything South City Questions for SSFUSD Board Candidates


1. Do you have, or have you had, children that attend(ed) our SSF public schools? If yes, what was the best experience your child(ren) carried with them after that course/teacher/experience?

Yes, I have four children currently attending elementary, middle school and high school. My children all love school and were very fortunate to have great teachers throughout their school years.


2. Why should the community at large vote in this election for SSFUSD Board members?

Community members should vote in this election and all elections because their input is valuable and their concerns should be heard. Successful districts work in collaboration with parents,community and staff.


3. What is your number 1 concern about our schools and what is your plan of action to address this?

My number one concern about our schools is large turnover of teachers and principals within the district. I will work with cabinet members to identify the weaknesses and create an action plan.


4. Our community has been upset over the lack of retention of good teachers and principals. What do you see as the problem and how would you rectify that?

I believe that salary and benefits influence tremendously on the decision for staff to seek employment outside of our district. I also believe that there is a lack of direction and support from cabinet members which contributes to these factors. I will work with members of the board and the cabinet to identify areas of improvement.


5. What is the #1 thing that makes you best qualified for this position on our School Board?

Rosa and family

Rosa and family

I am a mother with four children enrolled in our district and I have an invested interest in making our schools better for them and the community. I am an active member of my community and as a City employee I will bring a perspective of our city and our schools. I am committed and motivated to help others. Our city and schools have a diversified cultural and I will work diligently to address the needs.


6. There has been much controversy over the electives being offered a tour High Schools. What courses do you believe to be the most beneficial to our students?

Asa former student of this district and a former wood shop student. I believe that courses such as auto,wood shop and home economics are courses that can prepare our students for fields in outside of the business fields and in trades.


7. Due to limited space, Candidate Statements may not express all that you would like our community to know about you and your goals.What else would you offer? What makes your platform different from the other candidates?

I am invested in our community and our children’s education. As a Latina I will bring perspectives of a community that our school district serves. As a city employee I will bring valuable knowledge/insight of the community as a whole and important concepts employed by the City such as shared services, environmentally sound practices, cultural sensitivities and I will utilize the strengths that the City can bring to the school district as a partner. During the last eight years I have earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Interdisciplinary studies from Skyline College and currently working towards a Human Services Bachelor’s degree from Notre Dame de Namur University all while being an active mother of five,a wife,and a full time employee. I strive to be a role model to my children and other members of the community.As a daughter of immigrant parents that came to this country from Mexico searching for better opportunities and a better life for their family,I learned that dreams are attainable with dedication and perseverance. I respectfully ask for your vote.


For more information visit on Rosa’s campaign CLICK HERE



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Kristina Anderson
Kristina Anderson
8 years ago

I have known Rosa for MANY, MANY years. She is one of the most honest, intelligent, and forth-right persons In I have EVER met. I have NO DOUBT that she will do her very best to represent South City parents on SSF School Board. She has “done her homework” and realizes that changes must be made. She has realistic solutions to pressing problems with our current educational system and I believe she deserves your vote. She has mine!!!


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